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    Alesia pullins

    Alesia Pullins

    Alesia Pullins lives in the desert and is obsessed with moisturizing, exfoliation, and sometimes rappers.

    My Favorite Sunscreens for Dark Skin

    As spring approaches, follow these tips for protecting your skin from the Disney villain in the sky.

    Winter Skin 101

    How to combat dry skin during the winter months.

    8 Acids That Will Fix Your Skin and Your Life

    No skincare routine is complete without an acid. In this handy guide, Alesia breaks down the buzzwords to help you find the acid that’s right for you.

    Take Care

    Skincare columnist Alesia Pullins takes the time to get her face together.

    A Conversation on Beauty

    Traveling beyond the surface of beauty norms with Fanta Sylla and Kyrell Grant, two makeup enthusiasts.

    Setting the Tone

    How to find the shade that fits you, and master the your makeup routine

    Some Scars Are Cool. Some Scars Are a Pain in the Ass.

    Long and short term beauty tactics to erase scars, for now and for good.

    Learning Curves: A Skincare Guide

    Equal parts necessity and fun, here's how to create a routine that works for you.

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