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    CW Suicide

    Your life is precious. But it’s your life, you get to decide how to live it or not.

    Scout Schultz Was A Burning Flare

    “Scout Schultz was an anarchist, a revolutionary, and a comrade I could trust with my life.”

    The Next Eclipse

    Perhaps to eclipse is something we do. Perhaps an eclipse is something we become. Let’s allow the eclipse to be an invitation to be present, together, before the challenges we face.

    “We Shut Down the Caltrain”

    On J20, people locked down to protest the tech takeover of San Francisco

    Employees of the Month

    Another hard day of working some shitty job, only to be faced with cops walking up to the checkout counter. What are you gonna do?

    Back from the Brink

    Back from the Brink Playlist Death row inmate Keith Lamar (Bomani Shakur) went on hunger strike to protect his favorite albums.

    7 Ways to Get the Best Black Friday Deals

    7 Ways to Get the Best Black Friday Deals Remember that every day that you exist, you are robbed by capitalism. You deserve so much better ;)

    The False Sisterhoods of Tech Industry #Girlsquads

    Sexism in the tech industry will not be resolved by the forced intimacy of idealized female friendship.

    “Y’all Are Done”

    On July 18, two thousand people gathered in Columbia, SC to confront a KKK rally at the state capitol. Five anonymous anarchists share their stories from that day.

    De-Arrests are Beautiful

    De-Arrests are Beautiful These simple actions show us that the law and the state are not supernatural forces.

    Working Inside a Collapsing Mental Health System

    After the passage of the Affordable Care Act, tens of thousands of people suddenly had access to health insurance. Here’s how it affected my job.

    Life of Petty Crime

    From shoplifting to retail store cons to flipping weed, anonymous chronicles the petty crimes through which she has sustained herself over the years.

    Who’s Watching?

    What is it like to make money as a webcam model? Anonymous answers frequently asked questions about the ins and outs of video chatting for a living.

    Scabies Helped Me Quit Weed

    I was 32 and had been smoking regularly for half my life. After a while it became evident that it was smothering me in a sense, but I didn’t know if I could stop. It took a kind of demonic possession to make me realize that I had to take my substance abuse seriously and change my habits.

    Blood Money

    The Clinical Trials Industry is rebranding, attracting new demographics of test participants, and making it harder for long-term test subjects. Anonymous describes what it's like to partake in clinical trials through these transitions.

    The Ghost of Christmas Future

    The chanting started, and I fell in sync with them. We circled that clock as we screamed for Eric Garner. Eric Garner who was killed over a fifty cent “loosie” cigarette. Around a clock worth $20 million. It felt surreal and necessary.

    I Swallowed My Toothbrush

    When you swallow your toothbrush – your life doesn’t flash before your eyes. Instead, you think to yourself, “Jesus fucking Christ, I’m swallowing my toothbrush, what the fuck do I do now?” And there’s really not much you can do; your throat muscles start contracting, and it gets pulled down like any other piece of food. You can attempt to make yourself throw up, but once that sweet, hard piece of plastic has reached the point of no return, there’s really no getting it out of your throat.

    A Year of Pop Music and Party Riots

    Pop music has commodified riots and revolt so much it’s spilling back onto real life, inspiring rebellion among students at public universities across the country.

    I Work as a ‘Sensual Masseuse’

    My day job is to give sensual body rubs to men — mostly middle-aged, married, slightly overweight and moderately unattractive men. This is how I make my living as a writer.

    Etiquette Tips for Reckless Street Parties

    Spontaneous street parties are fun, but sometimes (all the time) the cops ruin the fun. Here are a few ways to stay safer while playing dangerously.

    Seven Courses of Profanity

    There is an anarcho-nihilist supper club in Chicago. And yes, it is as crass, depraved, and delicious as it sounds.

    A Peculiar “Friends with Benefits”

    Want to know about a day-in-the-life of an escort? I received on-the-job training during my job-shadow in the sex business.

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