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    Maggie Foster is a member of Woodbine with whom she is trying to collectively build the means to live and fight. She is a practitioner of various forms of bodywork. She lives in Ridgewood, Queens and spends most of her time suffering through the strains of physical meaningless work, your infuriating gestures of accumulating social capital, the exhausting labor of self-care for multiple chronic illnesses, and the tactile work of building a revolutionary force. Hit her up: Maggieleefoster@gmail.com

    Death Work

    What is it like to sit next to someone as they die? How can we prevent institutions from making decisions for us after a loss? Full-spectrum doulas Roxanne Baker and Saralee Gallien work with life and death and the many difficult things that happen in between.

    My Awkward In-Pain Self

    For the last year I’ve been in pain. A condition I had when I was younger and thought was gone returned. I find myself again hostage to the time and labor of pain management.

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