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    Neal Shirley has been involved in a range of (anti) prison related groups for about eight years. Most recently he’s been involved with a project that corresponds with prisoners and solicits and disseminates their news and analysis across North Carolina's prison system. He co-authored the book Dixie Be Damned: 300 Years of Insurrection in the American South. He makes a living doing food service work and teaching mixed martial arts to kids of all ages, and spends his free time fighting in cages and scheming new ways to deep-fry southern delicacies.

    “Defiant, Disobedient, and Verbally Threatening”

    Prisoners established a cop free zone for six hours at Holman Correctional, the prisoner strike in September approaches, BLM occupations abound.

    “This Court is a Farce!”

    Here is an incomplete list of some of the notable, exciting, or horrible things that have been happening on both sides of the prison walls in good old North America.

    Prisoners Call for a National Strike on the Anniversary of Attica

    Prisoners in Alabama and Texas have enacted strikes and uprisings in the last few weeks. Now they are calling for a national prison strike on the anniversary of the Attica Prison Riot.

    Putting 11-year olds in Detention Prisons Is Sifting Through the Political Hot Air of an Election Year

    “Right now my family is detained and I don’t know what will happen to them … All I can do now is ask God for help.”

    Joan Little, Tewkunzi Green, and the Crime of Fighting Back

    Let's be real. This world was designed to police, control, possess, and violate black women, not enable their self-defence.

    Give Them Hell

    Every week for months, people in Durham, NC, have been meeting at the jail to protest a lockdown at the facility. This is a snapshot of one small struggle in one small town, a tiny piece of this larger puzzle of uncompromising anti-prison politics in the US.

    Surge in LRAD Sales, Suspected Cop Killer Acquitted, and the Latest from Chelsea Manning

    Chelsea Manning found guilty of prison infractions, a North Carolina man charged with shooting a cop is acquitted, and police buy LRADs at record numbers. Find out what else is happening on the anti-prison front this month.

    Riots, Hunger Strikes, and a Critique of Hillary’s Prison Reform Rhetoric

    Riots in Arizona and Nebraska, hunger strikes in Georgia, and a critique of Hillary Clinton’s hollow prison reform rhetoric.

    Abolition and Dystopia

    In this month’s installment of “Prisons are for Burning,” Neal Shirley explains why abolitionist discourse is not as exciting as it may seem.

    Negotiations from the Door of the Cell

    Longtime anti-prison organizer Neal Shirley launches his new column. Every month you can get the scoop on prison riots and more stories of resilience from behind bars.

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