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    Mask Magazine runs on subscriptions, without ads or outside investors. We own and operate this ourselves, and you can join us.


    This magazine is organized and presented by a Rails application, and served to your browser by Heroku. Our domains are registered by Hover. Text is set in Sanuk, and iconography is orchestrated by Iconic.


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    About Mask Magazine

    Mask Magazine is an online style + living magazine for antagonist youth based in Brooklyn, NY. We launched on February 1, 2014. Mask Magazine is member-supported and advertisement free.


    Before you send us an email about contributing, please read through our detailed guidelines.


    All inquires should be directed to mailroom@mask-mag.com. We also welcome letters, comments, and questions.

    Photographers and Illustrators

    We are always looking for great photographers and illustrators to collaborate with. If you are interested in receiving general assignments, you can sign up to our email list for artists. Please read through our guidelines before sending us inquiries.

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