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    suspicious cultural production maskmag.com
    mask studios
    119 ingraham st, ste 317
    brooklyn, ny 11237

    About Mask Magazine

    Mask Magazine is an online style + living magazine for antagonist youth based in Brooklyn, NY. We launched on February 1, 2014. Mask Magazine is member-supported and advertisement free. You can support the project by subscribing. Subscriptions start at $3 per month.

    What We’re Into

    Mask Magazine delivers low culture content with “integrity” — we pay as much as we can — for and by us. We, the profane antagonists who are not interested in saving capitalism from its own crisis, or society from capital.

    Issues unfold monthly, featuring stories of struggle, certain political interventions, explorations of precarious work, trends among disparate youth, coping mechanisms, internet phenomena, wearable street fashion, and whatever else we’re into.

    Press an’ that

    Press interested in our experiment are welcome to contact us for comment via email at mailroom@mask-mag.com.

    Next Up Colophon

    This magazine is organized and presented by a Rails application, and served to your browser by Heroku. Our domains are registered by Hover. Text is set in Sanuk, and iconography is orchestrated by Iconic.

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