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    Summer 2019 — Dream

    We’re always looking for relevant and timely pieces. Send pitches and submissions to mailroom+submissions@mask-mag.com with the submission in the subject line, along with a proposed title. Please refer to this guide before submitting your work.

    “When will we have sleeping logicians, sleeping philosophers? I would like to sleep, in order to surrender myself to the dreamers, the way I surrender myself to those who read me with eyes wide open; in order to stop imposing, in this realm, the conscious rhythm of my thought.”
    -Andre Breton

    I’m visiting my friend Rebecca’s parents’ mansion in New Jersey. Her mom is emceeing a dog dating show where a white yorkie has to perform various limbo feats on his hind legs in order to win the affection of Ariana Grande’s poodle. To accompany his displays of impressive flexibility, Rebecca’s mom serenades them both with a song that goes: “No/ I don’t want your poetry/I don’t want your symmetry/I don’t want your love/I don’t want your comedy/I don’t want your deputy/I don’t want your love/Your house is just a toy/you never bring the boys”.

    This month’s theme concerns the variable reality present in dreams: disjointed psychic projections, fictive mirages, pipe aspirations, anything that evades the slender confines of reason. Send any pitches, submissions, or dream journal entries to mailroom+submissions@mask-mag.com.

    Please refer to our guideline below.

    Deadline: July 23, 2019

    Mask Magazine Writers' Guideline

    Mask Magazine is an experimental publication in the age of late capitalist world-weariness and discontent. We’re a subscriber-supported, ad-free, online publication and podcast network based in Brooklyn, NY. We launched on February 1, 2014. You can support us by subscribing. Subscriptions start at $3 per month.

    What We’re Into

    Our goal is to empower each other to engage with this world in a transformative way, and to rewrite the narratives of what we’re capable of doing together. We believe cooperation, understanding, curiosity, and respect across difference is necessary to reach that goal.

    We strive to be a platform for empowering struggle and solidarity across places, scenes, and sentiments. We do so by broadcasting the thoughts of fellow antagonists and our experiences of everyday life and struggle; publishing features that contextualize what’s going on in different industries, scientific fields, and other power nodes; documenting new ideas for and examples of how to live differently together.

    Our areas of interest can be divided into seven areas:

    1. Self and Other
    2. Human Migration and Settlement
    3. Control and Rebellion
    4. Longevity and Legacy
    5. Ecology and Wilderness
    6. Economics, Technology, and Innovation
    7. Epistemology, Ontology, Ethics, Aesthetics

    Preferred Formats

    While we're willing to experiment with article formats (with exceptions documented in the DOs and DON'Ts beneath the sections below), there are certain approaches we would especially like:

    • Personal essays about an experience, adventure, or tribulation that you learned from
    • Report-back from an event, project, or protest you participated in or witnessed
    • Studies of movements or phenomena from history, art, music, the internet, or social life
    • Researched or reported features on trends, technologies, social phenomenon, or subcultures
    • How-to guides or tutorials

    If you wish to write a personal essay for us, please note that we are only able to accept full submissions. Feel free to send us a pitch and we’ll let you know if we are interested in the idea, but we will not be able to make a final commitment to publish it until we see an early or complete first draft.

    Sending a Pitch

    To pitch Mask Magazine, please send us an email (address found at the end of this document) according to the following specifications:

    • Subject line: [pitch] :your proposed title:
    • If you’re pitching for a specific issue, mention which one (we also accept pitches on topics outside the issue themes)
    • A brief summary of the piece
    • The soonest date you could deliver a first draft

    A few DOs and DON'Ts about pitches:

    • Do summarize the story you're writing
    • Don't simply tell us what the story is about
    • Do tell us why you're the right person to write this story, including any relevant links to previous work
    • Don't send us an academic abstract packed with jargon
    • Do tell us why you think a particular subject is important or interesting
    • Don't pitch us pieces on why an -ism is too prevalent, or an -ization needs deeper critical analysis
    • Don't propose reviewing/examining one particular aspect of a culture you don't belong to
    • Do offer to describe your experience of venturing outside of your own background or comfort zone

    Sending a Submission

    We also accept the submission of works that have already been drafted. To submit unpublished work to Mask Magazine, please send us an email according to the following specifications:

    • Subject line: [submission] :your proposed title:
    • If your submission is intended for a specific issue, mention which one (we also accept submissions on topics outside the issue themes)
    • A brief summary of the piece
    • An attached .docx, .pages, rtf, .md, or .txt file

    Some DOs and DON'Ts about submissions:

    • Don't send us works of fiction
    • Do send us stories about you and your friends
    • Don't send us works of poetry
    • Do send us expressive, evocative prose
    • Don't send documents with embedded photographs
    • Do attach relevant images to the email if they preface, document, or conclude a particular story.
    • Don't use elaborate styling or aggressively experimental syntax (you know who you are).
    • Do refer to the Chicago Manual of Style.

    If we say yes

    Your submission will be moved to a Google Doc which we will share with you. All subsequent edits and notes should be made to that document. If you do not have a Google account and are not interested in having one, you will need to create a throwaway account specifically for your work for us.

    We will also need a short bio from you, including:

    • Your public name
    • Your Twitter handle (if you have one)
    • Two sentences describing your activities and interests in the third person
    • A link to a portfolio or other personal website.
    • A square headshot selfie for your byline (one 500px × 500px .jpg file)
    • The email address associated with your PayPal account.

    Our readers buy subscriptions so we can pay you

    We don’t plan on ever supporting our project with advertising revenue. We charge a sliding-scale subscription. Whether your article is featured as free content or behind the paywall is an editorial decision that will be made (for unrelated reasons) after you submit your final draft to us. All articles are available for free for a few days.

    We pay

    Paying contributors is an important element to our plan. As such, provided we approve your submission and you make necessary edits with our editors, you can expect some dough. We pay between $50 and $200 for written features.

    Please keep in mind that we pay contributors 30 business days after the article is published.

    Bylines and Privacy

    Articles we publish will be credited with your full public name, a brief biographical paragraph including a link to your Twitter account (if you have one), and any links to your personal portfolio or other websites. We also will need a square headshot selfie.

    If the attribution of a piece might cause you undue personal or professional stress, we may suggest that the work is published without your name or any other personal attribution. To maintain the space for those who need it, not all requests for anonymity can be granted. Please do not submit any work to us that implicates anyone with risk whom you have not personally contacted for permission beforehand. We are neither a gossip nor a breaking news publication. Additionally, please do not submit any work intended to be published pseudonymously, i.e. with attribution to a social media handle or organization.

    We do not publish critical breaking news or other works of hard journalism. As such, for the time being we do not maintain an open channel for encrypted email technology like PGP or GPG. If you send us an encrypted email, we will probably delete it without response. Please do not initiate a conversation with us that you would not be comfortable with any volunteer participating in. To increase the anonymity of an email, try using a service like riseup.net from a public computer.

    Response Time

    Unfortunately, because we are such a small team, we can only respond to accepted pitches and submissions. While it is always our objective to respond to emails, if you do not hear from us, we hope you decide to send your pitch or submission to other publications.

    We thank all prospective contributors for understanding our process.

    Send pitches and submissions to mailroom+submissions@mask-mag.com

    Interested in writing for us? Check our latest theme and please read our submission guidelines.

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