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    Papi and Chill with DJ Adam R's New Mix

    The Art World Issue

    Photos by Hao Nguyen

    Listen to DJ Adam R’s New Mix “Papi Angel”

    The Papi Juice crew wants you to know there are angels watching over you! Resident papi Adam R. has gifted Mask a mix to share with you to let you know the queer poc party is officially back. Come dance at Papi Angel with us this Friday, March 16th, at the Bushwick venue Elsewhere on 599 Johnson Avenue.

    This lineup of all-stars is gonna take the party all night, ‘til five in the morning: Bambii from Toronto, New York City’s own Lsdxoxo and Riobamba, and Philly’s Marcelline. Schmooze with the boos on the hosting crew: Ushka, Sir Sargent, Fariha Róisín, and Phoebe the Gorgon.

    In papi heaven, where there’s always a little something extra, Bubble_T will be posted up in Zone 1. The space “where asianz rule but everybody’s welcome” will have music by Theodore Janhg, Skype Williams, @steviehuynh, Tito_Paidz, and DJ Bychon while Mitchell Kuga, Yuki James, Oscar Ouk, Forrest Wu, Migurrl, and Massive work the room.

    Cop your tickets here, then let Adam R’s mix give you a mid-week boost, and read his thoughts on the new party below.


    1. Sunni Colon – Little Things (produced by KAYTRANADA)
    2. Kendrick Lamar & SZA – All The Stars
    3. Jocelyn Brown – Somebody Else’s Guy
    4. Mall Grab – Father
    5. Patrice Scott – The Detroit Upright
    6. Beat Spacek – Ring Di Alarm
    7. Lone – Vapour Trail
    8. George Benson – Give Me The Night (coolout)
    9. Amber Mark – Way Back (Salute Remix)
    10. NAO – Bad Blood (Royal Flush Remix)

    Tell us about one of your favorite Papi moments from last year.

    My favorite Papi moment from last year was when had a series of performances called Papi & Chill. We were able to showcase a wide range of acts every week for five weeks in a very intimate setting where people were also able to get their dance on. It was like a basement house party.

    What’s something everyone can expect at this new party?

    This is gonna be a rage! I’m really hyped to bring back the full energy and beauty of Papi Juice. It’s been too long. I expect great looks and music from all our people.

    What do you want to see more of in 2018?

    2018 is only going to bring more black and brown beauty into the world. I want to keep celebrating and showcasing it in every part of my life.

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