• The Body Issue

    Cameos: Rosemary Engstrom, Alexis Howell, and Marty Manuela

    The Body Issue

    Cameos: Rosemary Engstrom, Alexis Howell, and Marty Manuela

    Need some inspo? In this month’s cameos, Rosemary, Alexis, and Marty share what’s on their mood boards.

    Rosemary Engstrom

    Personal sites? I recently made my first ever website rosemaryengstrom.com for “professional use,” but my Instagram @rosemarysbabee is where all the fun is at.

    Signature style? I always rock some form of cat eye glasses and almost always something leather. I like to be a high femme queer babe but hella tough at the same time.

    Astrological sign? I’m a scorpio and I use it to remind myself it’s okay to be dark and sad sometimes, and that intense passion and loyalty make up for it. And also as an excuse if I’m acting sassy. My horoscope suggests writing down my frustrations to help ease them so I've been trying to journal more.

    Favorite beverage? Gatorade Frost. Crisp and COOOOL. I drink so much of it.

    What’s your guilty pleasure? Listening to old school Shania Twain really loudly in the morning.

    What do you want to do more of next year? More self care!

    Trends that you’re excited to see more of this year? The resurgence of The Matrix-style. Loving all the vinyl. Keep it up people.

    What have you been craving lately? I miss being out in the woods, specifically with other queers.

    Any recent big accomplishments for you? Getting into this super rigorous two-year MFA program at Rhode Island School of Design I never thought I’d actually get into, and being almost all the way through it.

    Alexis Howell

    Give us your links! soundcloud.com/bamban11, @laharbamban on Instagram. I want to try to set up more conceptual websites, too. I really like when artists have beautiful interactive websites to showcase their art or music.

    What's your relation to the colder seasons? I’m sad about summer being over but winter for me means getting a lot accomplished, going inward and inner growth. I love transitional seasons the most.

    Your astrological sign? Gemini. I think that geminis are really adept at seeing ways that people and systems are connected. We are well fitted for the information age.

    Favorite snack? Smoothies. And jalapeño daiya.

    What’s your guilty pleasure? Getting high before work.

    What do you want to do more of next year? Put more music out and do more performances!

    Favorite item of clothing in your closet? My red band uniform pants.

    What’s your favorite song to get you going or cheer you up? I love listening to K.Rizz. The song “Serenity Post” on her Soundcloud always makes me want to dance. If I’m feeling emotional, though, I love to walk around and listen to Elysia Crampton.

    What have you been craving lately? Visiting my family’s farm in the Philippines.

    Most recent thing you’ve done that you’re proud of? Being so close to finishing my first solo EP – something that feels representative of where I’m at artistically.

    Any people or projects you wanna hype I’m so excited about doNormaal’s new album, and Nightspace, who I’m so lucky to have been able to recently collaborate with. Recently saw Vesolo give a very moving performance at The Glove.

    Marty Manuela

    Handles? OND4 on Instagram and Soundcloud

    Where are you from? Born and raised in the 818, I’m liiike, a Valley Girl. Also grew up in Olympia since I spent most of my 20s there. I live in Oakland now. Being from LA and coming back to visit for the first time made me realize how much of an outsider I always was/always will be, even within communities I thrive in. It no longer makes me lonely, just appreciative when I meet other misfits.

    Signature style? Faggy, black jeans and my Drakkar Noir hat.

    Current playlist? Cardi B, Ms. Nina, Bomba Estereo, Gipsy Kings, Barrington Levy, Steve Reich, Iconika, Leikeli47, Princess Nokia, Alice Coltrane

    What's your morning routine like? Waking up before I want to, looking at social media, lighting palo santo, rolling around in bed till my ‘take meds’ alarm comes on then going to get coffee and making oatmeal while listening to dope music. I love putting on this greasy hair product and throwin’ Agua de Florida on my bod.

    Favorite song to get you going or cheer you up? Recently it’s been a tie between “My Ever Changing Moods” by The Style Council and “Djobi Djoba” by Gipsy Kings.

    What have you been craving lately? Communication with my ancestors.

    Any people or projects you’re really into right now? Guayaba, who was generous enough to get blazed and record various DJ clips for me, Rosa Pistola and the Neo-Perreo movement – how subversive it feels. Also big shoutout to B-Side Brujas, they’ve been showing me love in some really powerful ways. RIP Joey Casio and Edmond Lapine, I hold them in every creative pursuit.

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