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    Watch: CupcakKe Flips the Script on Her Haters In "33rd"

    The Camp Issue

    CupcakKe Flips the Script on Her Haters In “33rd”

    Most of us are familiar with just how nasty internet hate can get, but few handle the maliciousness with as much finesse as Elizabeth Eden Harris in her latest video for “33rd.” The 20-year-old’s latest offering, directed by Brandon Holmes, begins with a slew of screenshots containing the familiar vitriol we’ve become accustomed to in the comments section. Instead of retaliating or exhibiting frustration, CupcakKe boasts the day she falls off will be the 33rd of the month aka when pigs fly, yawns and rolls her eyes at the negativity, looking amazing the whole time. The video concludes on a positive note, as CupcakKe flips the script on screenshot culture by choosing to share comments about how inspirational she has been to her fans instead.

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