• The Conflict Issue
    April 2017 #39
    • Put Your Ego in the Back Seat Singer, composer, DJ, and writer Leila Adu. Photo: Luis Nieto Dickens.

    • Philly State of Mind Interview with sci-fi collective Metropolarity.

    • Turn off the Spigot Maya Weeks’ photographs a different California.

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    Table Of Contents


    Weaponized kindness hurts both sides: killing with kindness can kill us too. What happens when religious faith melds into faith in personal relationships?

    A Destruction of Kindness

    by Yena Sharma Purmasir


    Cameos Rio Sofia, Judy Iocovozzi, and Sam Kiyomi on their body care, modus operandi, and what’s cheering them up.

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    Leila Adu
    Towards Health Autonomy: Interview with Dr. Frank MD
    Horoscope web

    Horoscopes by Corina Dross

    April 2017

    As Venus moves from Aries to Pisces this month, we continue to navigate longings, nostalgia, and tricky conversations with lovers past and present.

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