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    The Control Issue

    Get LOCA with DJ Bebe

    For these sweaty summer nights...

    Bad girls get things started in LOCA, DJ Bebe’s barbed-wire contribution to our mix series. It opens with a clip from “El Show de Cristina” on the topic of “chicas malas.” From there on, the jagged edge comes out play all over your sexy faves (J Balvin, Brandy, Plan B), with tracks and remixes from high-powered crews, like Staycore, Sweat Equity, Santa Muerte, and Swim Team, just to name a few. Get ready to find, fight, and maybe even love up on your demons with this one.

    Get into it:

    Artwork by Drake Carr


    1 Clip from El Show de Cristina
    2 JX Cannon - Tanked (DJ Haram Remix)
    3 DJ BeBeDeRa - O REI DA COLOCA 2
    4 Kelman Duran - ALKALINE X PLAN B
    5 Dinamarca Feat. Kassandra and Zutzut - How About (Mobilegirl Remix)
    6 Air DJ - Viene Por Ahí
    7 SINES - J Balvin Veneno //C&S
    8 Clip from Rihanna interview for Oprah
    9 RULES - TEST
    10 Brandy - Angel in Disguise (Mobilegirl Remix)
    11 DUCKY - Work (LSDXOXO Guerra Edit)
    12 Habibiboi - Hold On (Habibiboi Baile Bootleg)
    13 Kelman Duran - La Materialista - Chuleame (Dembow Club Remix)

    DJ Bebe on his inspiration for LOCA:

    I made this mix when I was in a fight with myself. I was trying to locate demons within me and outside of me. The mix is sad but sexy. Angry but in love. I think a lot about the women in my life that changed my life and I imagine them screaming and dancing to this mix. I also thought a lot about my youth (as I do whenever I DJ): growing up as a Latino American in the suburbs in the South and the sounds I grew up with. This mix was made for a packed red-lit basement at 6:00 am where everyone is single and dancing with themselves and not looking at anyone. It’s dedicated to my community in New York. To all my friends who constantly inspire me; who are constantly screaming and always on fire. To all my Locas.

    We asked DJ Bebe aka Alex Lopez more about his experience of the NYC party hustle, community, and vision behind his monthly party, Tortura:

    How did you get into DJ-ing?
    My friend Ivette, who used to throw the party Azucar a couple years ago, took me in and got me started. Then I became friends with more DJs and started gradually learning with them. I always wanted to DJ. I would go out a lot and I started feeling a little frustrated with the music. I wanted to go out and dance to music I wasn’t hearing – the only solution was to start DJ-ing. 

    What’s it like throwing a party in NYC? What all goes into it?
    Throwing a party in New York is constant emailing and worrying about budget and venues and a million other things. Every time I throw Tortura I always think no one will show up, but it always turns out beautifully. It’s also thinking a lot about curation and who we are booking and why and how they mesh together. I try to keep the lineups interesting.

    Do you have a particular vision for the party?
    I just want the party to continue! So far I feel so supported by the community. The party is very collaborative in that all my friends host and play different roles in making it happen. It really is everyone’s party. I’m also excited about collaborating with other parties in the future and doing bigger events. 

    What do you want to see more of this year?
    This year I would love to see more of my friends succeed. Everyone I’m friends with in this city is so powerful and unique and I just want to see everyone (including me) get their money and have stability in New York. It can be really difficult sometimes to live here so I just dream of a day where we all don’t have to struggle as much.

    Follow DJ Bebe on Soundcloud and Instagram.

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