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    KALA and MARVELiTO Bring Us “1Time” Mix

    The Depravity Issue
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    KALA and MARVELiTO Bring Us “1Time” Dancehall Mix

    Mixed by Brooklyn-based producers KALA (Fake Accent) and MARVELiTO (Hot Action/Like That Recs), “1TiME” is a slowed-down journey through their favorite club and ballroom tracks. Its an hour of burning energy evoking the sweetest dance floor (wherever and whatever that dance floor may be) moments and memories, blending sounds from False Witness and Joey LaBeija, Santa Muerte, LSDXOXO, and TYGAPAW with syrupy samples and sultry club cuts.

    This mix was produced before the shooting at Orlando’s Pulse nightclub, but it brings much-needed fire and salve as we hold our hearts together and hone our rage. Dive in below.

    We talked to MARVELiTO and KALA about their process and what went into making the mix.

    What do you think is missing from nightlife, or what is your ideal party? In our city, a whole lot of these clubs (mostly in Manhattan) don't want any people of color inside. We've seen it first hand at clubs that we have played, held residency at, or attended. This can be seen in the dress codes they implement, aggressive security, and restrictions on the music genres we're permitted to play in their space There is definitely a whole lot more that needs reformation in New York nightlife though, this is just one aspect.

    Where do you want folks to listen to your mix? This mix is definitely full of before-and-after-the-club type vibes. We imagine somebody dancing in the bedroom, car or just jammin' out on their earbuds.

    What inspired you during the production of this mix? To be honest, we just got bored of playing tracks at the original BPM. We were mixing one night for hours and we started to experiment, slowed down the tempo, and got hooked. After it was done, we felt like this had to be shared with others.


    1 Break That N---a – Mike Gip
    2 Where I Wanna Be (DJ Sliink Remix) – DJ Sliink
    3 Keybump – Javascript
    4 Bugaboo – DJ Rell
    5 R.I.D.E (SBF x Kushcannon Remix) – Tory Lanez
    6 Cartel strokerrr – DJ Tray x Tah Breaziiy
    7 Bad – DJ Sliink
    8 Rock Yo – Ca$h Bandicoot
    9 U need another drink (Elisa Bee rework) – Disco D
    10 Take a Pic – Thast
    11 African Chant xxx (cocotaxi edit) - Scottie B & King Tutt
    12 She Wants – Divoli S'vere x MikeQ
    13 Step out – DJ Spider
    14 Twisted (Remix) – Jayhood x 93rd
    15 Do It – Mike Gip x Fiinesse
    16 Restless (Joey Labeija and False Witness Remix) – Rahel
    17. Don’t – DJ Sliink
    18 maia theme - status
    19 If Young Metro Don't Trust You – Thunderbirdjuicebox
    20 Leaf (Instrumental) – Clams Casino D
    21 Party Cypha – Byrell the Great x Kassandra Ebony x Warren B x Smerk
    22 Ring 4X (Gianni Lee Remix) – Ye Ali
    23 Tak – Santa Muerte x Kala
    24 I Rep Jersey – DJ Sliink
    25 Bam bam – Mike Gip
    26 Badman Forward (Tygapaw edit) – Ding Dong x Bob Traxx
    27 Body Double (TSVI Remix) – Lokane
    28 Deep Inside – Mike Gip
    29 Lit (IMarkeyz Remix) – Christine Sayers
    30 Notorious – MikeQ
    31 Keef Collection System – Taste Tester
    32 Work (LSDXOXO Remix) – Ducky
    33 Toxic – LSDXOXO
    34 Ha Dub (DJ Hook Remix) – MikeQ
    35 Naughty girl – Mike Gip x Fiinesse
    36 Ai ai ai – DJ Merks x Cueheat
    37 Solo por un beso – Aventura

    Follow MARVELiTO and KALA to stay updated on their sounds, musings, and upcoming gigs near you.

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