• The Depravity Issue

    Cameos: Trish B., Kat, and FASHIONSPITTA

    The Depravity Issue
    Cameos june 2016

    Cameos: Trish B., Kat, and FASHIONSPITTA

    Trish, Kat, and FASHIONSPITTA share their skincare secrets, guilty pleasures, and favorite songs to keep you cool all summer long.

    Summer is officially here, and it’s time to refresh your feed. Like we do every month, we talked to some of our most intriguing friends and follows from online to see what they’re into and what makes them so dang cute. We got to know FASHIONSPITTA, Trish, and Kat, who shared with us their signature styles, skincare recs, and cultural insights. You might already know FASHIONSPITTA via their amazing collection of pics from fashion, film, tv, porn, and all the spaces in between – they go beyond just tapping into nostalgia to find things that are like, timelessly sexy. Kat makes zines and other artworks that are very color-blocked cool, and their bold black-and-white illustrations make for sick tees. Trish is also an illustrator – they have lots of work but I can’t stop thinking about this juggalo Bugs Bunny doodle. The artistry extends to makeup too, and you can see a whole spectrum of looks on their Instagram. So keep reading and follow along to get inspired by the Cameos of June 2016.

    Trish B

    Handles? Instagram: @bummed4ever and Tumblr: @bigbizness. The world ain’t ready for my Twitter yet.

    Where did you grow up? Where do you live now? I grew up in the bayous of southern Louisiana, about an hour and thirty minutes south of New Orleans. Now, I begrudgingly roam the gentrified streets of Denver. I’m there for college. I plan to move back to the South sometime soon, though. The people here are too passive-aggressive and standoffish for my taste.

    Signature style? I have a lot of styles, but I’ve been particularly digging trends from the early 2000s. My look’s constantly changing, but I’m always rocking huge gold hoops, a gold chain or a tattoo choker, a shaved head, a huge bone shard jutting through my nose, a pair of black Mary Janes, and a cute graphic tee tucked into either a black skirt or high-waisted mom jeans. Oh, and intricate makeup. Very intricate makeup.

    Fav item of clothing in your closet? Hmm … maybe these Tripp pants I found at a Goodwill outlet a few months ago. They’re super 2002 and they make this cute lil “jangalang” noise. Gotta rep that ghetto goth life.

    Fav song to get you going, or cheer you up? “Ice Water” by Lil Yachty. The beat is so cute and positive and the song in general is super tight.

    Fav snack? I love to eat! This is so hard ... I’ll have to go with cherries. I’m a sucker for sweet things.

    What’s missing from culture right now? I don’t necessarily think that anything is missing; I think there’s a lot being ignored. The culture that I live in places a nauseating amount of emphasis on the aesthetically pleasing from a flawed locus of what is “conventional.” I wanna see glorified fat, stretch marks, lazy eyes, crooked teeth, things that we’ve been pressured to feel bad about. I wanna see disabled bodies be properly prioritized for once. I wanna see dark skin, too. I want to see all of that, no matter how graceful or flagrant it is. I want it all to be able to bask in an unapologetically radiant, positive light free of sanitation or demonization. I also want the prison system, law enforcement, and capitalism to disappear from this culture and go missing forever.

    Any people/projects you wanna hype? Yes! I really wanna hype my best friend Erzi (UR-zee). We’ve been tight for four years now. We’re yin and yang; she’s my angelic and wholesome side and I’m her sassy punk side. She’s working on a rap project right now that I’m in love with. Her Instagram is @dirtylakees. You can listen to her music on her Soundcloud. She’s working on an EP right now and it’ll be done towards the end of this month!

    Also, I wanna hype this LGBT group in Denver that I’ve been down with since 2011. They’re called Buried Seedz of Resistance. They took me in when I first came out and they’ll be my people ‘til the end. BSEEDZ reps LGBT and anti-racist resistance against state violence, domestic violence, incarceration, profiling, and street harassment. They’ve done free public workshops that touch on things from sexual health to avoiding unnecessary police detainment/frisking. Right now, they’re working with the mothers of people who have been killed by Denver Police Department, including the relatives of Jessie Hernandez and Paul Castaway. In addition to that, they’re currently trying to put on a queer youth gathering that teaches LGBT teens and young adults to be proud of their identities and pursue both activism and their ancestral legacy to resist continuing imperialism and continue decolonizing minds, hearts, bodies, and spirits.


    Handles? Kittenhumyn on Instagram and Twitter.

    Where did you grow up, where do you live now? I grew up in Wichita Falls, TX, about 150 miles northwest of Dallas. I currently live in Denton, TX, where I attend graduate school at the University of North Texas.

    Signature style? My style is queer art teacher/librarian that lives above a thrift store.

    What are your essential beauty/skincare products? Shea Moisture for my hair, body, and face along with Thayers Rose Aloe Toner, lavender, tea tree, and jasmine oils for my blemishes, and Mario Badescu Seaweed Night Cream.

    What are you dreaming about these days? I’m dreaming of a day when differently abled people of color are visible, treated with respect, and an integral part of all aspects of daily life.

    How do you stay cool in the summer? Texas summers are Hell (literally) so I stick to breezy dresses and tees, iced tea, and hiding out and watching movies all day.


    Handles? FASHIONSPITTA on Twitter and Instagram.

    Where did you grow up? Where do you live now? Brooklyn, Florida, and Atlanta.

    Whats your signature style? Sexy but comfortable.

    What are your essential beauty/skincare products? Water, coconut oil, and rosewater.

    Fav item of clothing in your closet? Oooooh, I have these vintage 90s xoxo bell bottom pants that my mom gave to me.

    Fav song to get you going/cheer you up? Luther Vandross’ “Never Too Much,” I really want it to be my wedding song.

    Whats your guilty pleasure? I really enjoy watching Texas Flip & Move, my mom put me on. We watch it together.

    What's one trend you're over? Earth tone outfits, it needs to die.

    What's missing from culture right now? Me, Myself, and I.

    What are you dreaming about these days? Love and the future.

    What do you wanna do more of this year? DJ. The people need me.

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