• The Fling Issue

    People are Playing Capture the Confederate Flag #noflagchallenge

    The Fling Issue

    Capture the Confederate Flag

    Social Media has been abuzz this week with #noflagchallenge and #noflaggingchallenge which dare people to take down publicly displayed Confederate Flags. The trending hashtags were reputedly sparked when activist Bree Newsome of Charlotte North Carolina climbed the South Carolina Statehouse flag pole and removed the Confederate flag prior to it’s official removal by the South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley.

    Since Sunday, a handful of #noflagchallenge videos have popped up showing people ripping down public displays of Confederate flags.

    Here is one of shirtless man ripping some Confederate pride off the back off a pickup.

    This man shows off his jumps when he snags a flag off the roof of a house.

    And here, James Brown sings along as a young man rips a Confederate sticker off the back of an 18 wheeler.

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