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    Daniel Holtzclaw Found Guilty of 18 of 36 Charges of Rape and Sexual Assault

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    This Week in ACAB

    Daniel Holtzclaw Found Guilty of 18 of 36 Charges of Rape and Sexual Assault

    Thousands of students in Sao Paulo, Brazil protested on December 9 against the potential closing of nearly 100 schools by right wing governor Geraldo Alckmin. For weeks, students have also been occupying dozens of schools. During the march on December 9, police attacked the students with tear gas after claiming that someone threw rocks at them. Students then constructed barricades and fought back against the police. At least nine students were arrested by the end of it all, and many others were beaten by cops.

    On December 6, hundreds of fascists in Helsinki, Finland held a march for Independence Day. Police guarded the fascists as they made their way through the city and attacked anarchists who attempted to disrupt the march, shooting them with rubber bullets and arresting between 30-40 people. Anarchists fought back with fireworks and rocks, but the fascists still managed to finish their march with only a few disruptions. And of course, the fascists made sure to thank the police for their help too.

    Hundreds of students in Delhi, India were brutally attacked by police on December 9 while they protested against a government body’s decision to get rid of fellowships set up for students from disadvantaged backgrounds. As students marched to Parliament, police stopped the march, beat students with long sticks, and shot tear gas, water cannons and stun grenades at them. Over 200 students were arrested, female students were sexually assaulted, and several students were taken to the hospital.

    On December 10, Oklahoma City police officer Daniel Holtzclaw, on his 29th birthday, was found guilty on 18 of 36 charges of rape and sexual assault. Holtzclaw raped 13 women, all poor and black, specifically because he thought no one would care about them or believe their accusations. After the verdict was read, supporters of Holtzclaw’s victims sang Happy Birthday outside the courtroom in celebration. Friendly reminder from our publisher, Tyler Reinhard:

    And another message from Mask contributor and author of Drapetomania, Jasmine Gibson:

    Thousands of protesters hit the streets of Athens, Greece on December 6 to commemorate seven years since the murder of 15-year-old Alexis Grigoropoulos by police. Back in 2008, Alexis was hanging out with his friend on a street corner in Exarcheia, a well-known anarchist neighborhood. Cops passed by in their patrol car and exchanged insults with the two boys. Not long after, the two cops returned to the scene on foot, and one of them shot at Alexis. Alexis died in his friend’s arms. The police later reported that they were allegedly attacked by anarchists but never reported the shooting. A few hours later, hundreds of people proceeded to set Athens on fire in some of the most violent riots the city had ever seen. Since then, anarchists have turned up every year on December 6 in the teen’s memory. This year, anarchists battled police even during the days leading up to December 6 and made sure to show cops that they haven’t forgotten what happened. On December 6, anarchists held multiple demos and riots broke out again with cops throwing rocks and shooting tear gas and stun grenades at anarchists. Anarchists fought back with Molotov cocktails and fireworks. By the end of the night, cops arrested 13 people, six of whom were minors.

    In the United States, over 1,060 people have been killed by police this year, including Miguel Espinal in Westchester, New York who was shot while trying to avoid getting bagged for traffic violations.

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