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    April 2014 #3
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    Smart cars

    Lawl: the last year of anti-gentrificiation actions on the west coast. Included: flipped smart cars and snatched Google Glass.


    Restoration: rare 1997 queer vogue track remastered and rereleased.


    Anarchy + Hip-Hop: Will post-political antagonism give hip-hop the push it needs? Check out this new video from Machine Gun Kelly.

    Simon 2

    Kidnapped! Simon Ostrovsky, a Vice News reporter was captured by pro-Russian forces in eastern Ukraine. He has since been released.


    #MyNYPD Hashtag hijacked with images of police brutality in the city that never sleeps and the 50,000+ police officers are pretty terrible.

    Cop trips

    Sociopath Cop Attacks a senior high school girls’ soccer team right after they win the State Tournament.

    Goth school cover

    Columbine Highschool — 15 years later, Goth makes a comeback.

    An Entire Generation of School Shooters

    by Hanna Hurr


    Playlist: Easter + 420 + Chloe Chon. That’s all we should have to say about this.


    Area Dog: “Cops naturally predisposed to irrationally aggressive behavior.”

    Lillanamo 4

    New Track: Spoek Mathambo remixes young Swedish rappers, nods at Husby and Malmö riots.


    Ok, no spoilers because that's just not how we roll, but Jack Gleeson, who plays King Joffrey on HBO's Game of Thrones, spoke at the Oxford Union earlier last Winter.

    Watch King Joffrey Lecture on Baudrillard, Weber, and the Master-Slave Dialectic.

    by Tyler Reinhard

    Sza web

    Pay attention to our list of up-and-coming female R&B artists. You know, if you want to.

    Bossanova 2

    Chromat’s New Sportsy Clubwear. Like, part dress, part locker room, part swimsuit.


    Listen: Babymetal mixes Japanese “J-pop” with crushing Finnish-influenced metal. Just when you thought you’ve seen the internet ...

    Srsg 2

    Watch: Fuck Everybody, the music video that is part illegal subway party, part riot, part skate video. Hashtag down for ensemble.


    We asked style oracle what’s hot right now, and she had much to say about faux fur, eating everything, indie porn, and wifi restaurants.

    That New New

    by Marisa Maffeo-Robinson


    Letters by Hanna Hurr

    The Next Best Thing

    Do you habitually dismiss every new trend as a fad, seeing it as just another trick of the endlessly shifting market? If you ask us, the critique of new trends for the sake of staying on the anti- side of capitalism is an idealistic trap. Trends come from somewhere, and we partake in them even through our dismissals. In this issue, we shamelessly engage with new trends.

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