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    Take Control with DJ Erika Kayne’s “Unapologetically Cunt Mixfile”

    The Prisoner Issue
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    Take Control with DJ Erika Kayne’s “Unapologetically Cunt Mixfile”

    Sorry, not sorry...

    Femmes come first in this commanding mix from one of LA’s best kept secrets, DJ Erika Kayne. “Unapologetically Cunt Mixfile” is full of feel-good tracks, from artists like TeeFLii, Remy Ma, Kash Doll, and even one from DJ Erika Kayne herself. In fact, as Erika told us, she’s “been writing songs and playing around with demos that will eventually take form into an actual body of work very soon,” and is also in the process of starting a party with collaborator Guy Fridge – so stay tuned for more! Listen to the mix and learn more about the inspiration below.

    DJ Erika Kayne on “Unapologetically Cunt Mixfile”:

    This mix was tracklisted and put together with the intention of being as obscene and filthy as I possibly could. I’m constantly inspired by femmes who are unapologetically sexual and in your face so I wanted this mix to be an homage to some of my favorite ladies in hip-hop smashing the ideas of what women should and shouldn’t be talking about. One of the undertones of this mix is an element of femmes having complete control over men. Whether it be through sexual prowess or sheer dominance. Women and femmes have been silenced and stepped on for the better part of forever so it’s refreshing to hear Lil’ Kim rap about getting her pussy eaten in any context! There are also a few club bangers and hairpin turns thrown into the mix for shits and giggles. This is a great mix to play when you’re doing your makeup or sucking dick!


    1. Brandy – Human Intro
    2. Erika Kayne – Lotic x cupcake (HETEROVAGINA Blend)
    3. Kash Doll – Run Me My Money
    4. Cocc Pistol Cree – Lady Killa
    5. E-40  Ft. Too Short– Sliding Down The Pole
    6. Tiffany Foxx Ft. Snoop Dogg – Shake Dat Shit
    7. TeeFLii– Pussy
    8. Priceless Da Rock – Yiken
    9. Lil’ Kim Ft. Sisqo – How Many Licks
    10. Rihanna x Sami Baha – Bitch Better Have My Money (Total Freedom Edit)
    11. Joey LaBeija – Song To The Siren (Club Stain Edit)
    12. Rizzla – Twitch Queen
    13. The Claw – Track 02
    14. Remy Ma – Everyday I’m Fucking Him
    15. 1st Lady – I’m Selling Pussy
    16. Briki Fa President Ft. Ninene  – Fat Girls

    Keep up on the latest from DJ Erika Kayne on Twitter, Soundcloud, and Tumblr.

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