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    Savan Abdalrahman Ahmed

    Savan Abdalrahman Ahmed is a literary translator who is currently the editor-in-chief at the Kurdish cultural website DidiMn, where she was previously the translation supervisor. Ahmed has worked in consultation with the director of Zheen Archive to select and translate Piramerd’s selected prose and poetry in English. Ahmed earned an accounting degree from the Administration and Economics department at the University of Sulaimani in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. She is the founder of Temagroup and her work has appeared in Baran Magazine, Hamrin Center, Rexney Chawder, M—Dash, and The Militant. DidiMn published Ahmed's book Translation: An Act More Than Changing Words. May68 Youth group published her translated book Universities in a Neoliberal World. https://didimn.com

    A Couple of Hours in Baghdad

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