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    Alex G. Brown

    Alex G. Brown is a fashion and entertainment writer based in Toronto, ON. Her work explores the daily intersection of fashion and pop culture without leaving you cross-eyed. You can check out more of her work at alexgabrielbrown.com.

    Have You Seen Martin Margiela?

    Much like Margiela the man, the distinction of Margiela the label is indistinction.

    Still Trending: Tears

    Being sad never looked so cute.

    There’s a Scifi Hero Uniform for All of Us

    Go bald. Put on a onesie, knee-high boots, and a helmet and you’ll be untouchable.

    Wash Your Face with This Gross Shit and You‘ll Be Young Forever

    Here‘s a list of beauty products that should be defunct, either because they are needlessly expensive or heinous in general.

    Unknowing the Olsen Twins

    What have the Olsen twins been up to? Alex Brown gives us a look into the careers of the near textbook American Dream children.

    Bending Gender with Bowie

    The runway of Menswear Fall 2016 shows manifested a world that’s stripped fashion of its gender constraints.

    Listen to the Kids, Brah

    Yeezy’s latest collection presents a version of the future that is more pure, without excessive need for wealth and the flash that goes along with it.

    Not Quite Finished or Already Taken Apart?

    HBA, KTZ, and Phoebe English suggest we take style inspiration from deconstructionism in 2016 – a movement created by 90s estranged and broke designers of London and Antwerp.

    The Androgynous Womenswear of Cyber Crime

    The androgynous womenswear of cyber crime. 90s hacker fashion reemerges on the runway and among subcultures – from Rick Ownes, Gareth Pugh, and Alexander Wang to cyberpop and seapunk.

    Fashion Blogs Run by “Twins”

    Fashion Blogs Run by “Twins” are on the rise.

    Pop Art Opulence

    It's LOL-core season – Kids’ toys for accessories, cartoons on everything, faux fur, and lots of color.

    The Exclusive “New Normal”

    More Normaler – Just what do we call the retail industry's capitalization on normality? Is it a new normal if it already was?

    Rave on the Runways

    Rave on the Runways. Here are some designers that have been playing with pop culture silliness and rave culture in last year's designs.

    The Life and Death of Honest Streetwear

    With the dawn of streetwear, fashion birthed its first modern rebellion. After hippies of the 1960s practically invented the notion of a counterculture, DIY punk, surfwear, hip-hop, and sportswear swept through America’s metropolises in the 1970s and 1980s. It all started in the late 1970s, when surfwear took the reigns on producing localized apparel that was unique to the wearer and their lifestyle.

    Getting Dressed for Drugs

    In the mid-90s, drugs happened. Or, at least, we had become so used to them that witnessing drug-addled teens on film was possible. This newfound acknowledgement of teen rebellion not only brought on revelations of their lifestyle choices – signaled in films by raging parties, morning blur, and bad-influence friendships – but also their way of dress.

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