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    Anwar Batte

    Anwar Batte is a legal fiction and digital denizen currently residing in occupied Lenape territory. “Everything I'm not made me everything I am.” —Kanye West

    Trend Forecast: The Coming Memesurrection

    When it comes to the future of memes, the possibilities are endless, and pretty fucking unsettling.


    Next year, millions of Americans will turn out to the polls to select the next commander-in-chief of this great nation. But are the candidates who’ve received the most play on television and in the newspapers really the ones we need to be paying attention to?

    Decode Your Teen’s Tweets

    Obscure no more, this guide to the casual antagonist's banter is handy af.

    Four Underutilized Strategies for Increasing Your Social Media Reach

    Double down on these four disruptive strategies to leverage your social media reach in the blogosphere. Win-win synergy rockstar.

    E. Jane

    E. Jane is the incomparable sound artist making a splash in Philadelphia’s DIY queer club scene, and talked to us about black woman girlhood, existing on the internet, and the traps of artifice.

    Let These Online Generators Write Nonsense for You

    From school papers to revolutionary manifestos to marketing copy, most of what we write is BS, so why not let computers do it for us?

    Tumblr’s Anarchist GIF Factory

    C.H.R.O.M.E. turns anarchist slogans into shareable memes.

    Can’t Stand Pop? Try Slowing It Down 800%

    If you slow down Justin Bieber 800% he starts sounding like a nature goddess, which really makes you think...

    Strapped Sistas

    Celebrate badass women everywhere with the Facebook page Strapped Sistas, which has been posting a steady stream of photos depicting women carrying guns since December.

    Twitter Propaganda by Who Knows?!

    Twitter Propaganda by Who Knows?! Sink yourself into these strange Twitter accounts cranking out anti-capitalist propaganda like the bots they probably aren’t.

    There’s a Chobani for That

    Welcome to Mask Magazine’s new column, Feed Me, in which we expose funny, fascinating, and freakish social media feeds. First up: weird Chobani flavors.

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