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    Ash Jegroo is a mixed-race Brooklyn native who enjoys peace, love, and making trouble for the establishment. When he’s not driving out the hipster colonizers and their occupying army of cops,​ he's live-tweeting protests at @AshAgony.

    On the Ground at the Anti-Inauguration Riots

    Before the DC police arrested 230 people, the energy was ecstatic.

    Welcome to Red Stuy

    This Brooklyn punk house hosts basement shows where you can “come home from America”

    Nutcracker Man Lives Up to His Name, Kicks Cops Where the Sun Don’t Shine

    Brave de-arrest attempts at West Indian Day Parade, youth prisoners get things popping, and a US prison strike is underway.

    Somebody Has Been Telling Yo’ Momma Jokes Over NYPD Radio

    Police murdered Korryn Gaines, an ex-cop threatened to shoot up a precinct, a goose took the streets.

    Cops Hate Queers, Queers Hate Cops

    This Week in ACAB: Trans Pride marches on in Istanbul despite police attacks; Staten Island man sues homophobic NYPD; everyone calls bullshit on NYC mayor and police commissioner.

    Cops Set Fire to Street Vendor in Dhaka, Bangladesh After He Refused to Pay Bribe

    This week in ACAB: cops attack families occupying vacant housing in Rome; Molotov cocktails rain down on Greek police; cops set fire to Dhaka street vendor; US police kill over 90 people this year

    Police Raid Kempton Park, Shake Down Nigerian Residents for Bribes

    This week in ACAB: riots break out in Algiers over soccer team's win, police raid Kempton Park in South Africa to shake down Nigerian residents, 65 people in the US have been killed by police so far.

    French Authorities Evict Thousands of Migrants from Calais Refugee Camp “The Jungle”

    French authorities have told migrants living in the Calais refugee camp to move into another camp with “better conditions”, but many of the migrants have refused, claiming the new camp looks like a detention center.

    Cop Gets Beat up at Berlin Squat; 500 Police Raid in Retaliation

    When one police officer is attacked, the whole world has to burn. This week's stories of police brutality come from Germany, Azerbaijan, Kashmir, and the US.

    Mexican Police Arrest 12 ZNLA Supporters Day After the Zapatista’s 22nd Anniversary

    In Brazil, a cop was caught on camera pointing his gun at a high school student protesting the privatization of education.

    Brazilian Military Police Rob and Torture Group of Youth on Christmas

    In the USA, cops killed a total of 1,134 people in 2015 including 50-year-old Siolosega Velega-Nuufolau. In Brazil, cops robbed and tortured a group of youth on Christmas night. In Zambia, civilians clash with cops in the streets.

    Police in Nepal Kill 18-Year-Old Student Tavrej Alam During Demonstration

    In 2015, the USA’s police killed more than 1,115 people, including 19-year-old student Quintonio Legrier and 57-year-old mother of five, Bettie Jones.

    Police Beat up Anti-Fascists Protesting Neo-Nazi March in Germany

    This week, German neo-Nazis held an anti-immigration march in southern Leipzig. Thousands of anti-facists showed up in protest. In response, about a dozen counter-protests were set up. Police responded by tear-gassing and pepper-spraying protesters.

    Daniel Holtzclaw Found Guilty of 18 of 36 Charges of Rape and Sexual Assault

    Daniel Hoytzclaw was found guilty of 18 out of 36 charges of rape and sexual assault, and anarchists clash with police in Greece, Finland and India.

    French Police Clash with Protesters Defying Ban on Demonstrations During Climate Summit

    After the attacks in Paris, French authorities banned public protests. Despite the ban, thousands of protesters hit the streets of Paris during COP21.

    Police Brutalize Protesters in Nepal

    People of the Madhesi ethnic group in southern Nepal have been protesting the country’s new constitution. The police has responded with brutal violence, killing more than 40 people since August.

    Oaxaca Riots Claim $85,000 in Damages Following Killings by Police

    This week in #acab: more than 1,015 people have been killed by US police so far this year, and Oaxacan rioters claim $85,000 in property damages.

    French Police Crack Down on Migrants in Calais After Protest Against Miserable Conditions in “The Jungle”

    In Mexico, police attack another group of normalistas, arresting 13 and injuring 8 students. In Turkey, around the Kurdish city of Silvan, cops continue their violent fight against Kurdistan Workers’ Party, forcing thousands to flee the city.

    London Protests Against Tuition Hikes Brutally Repressed by the Police

    Italian Police shut down protest against Trident Juncture – NATO’s biggest war exercise in over a decade. In Spain, anarchists were arrested and charged with belonging to terrorist group.

    19 Greek Anarchists Arrested During Occupation of Fascist Party HQ

    This week in ACAB, police assaulted a teen girl during her high school class, bagged 19 anarchists occupying the fascist party headquarters in Greece, and tear gassed counter-protesters in Germany, and other news from the field.

    Riot Police in Italy Evict 300 People from Occupied ex-Telecom Building

    Italian riot cops use water cannons to evict 300 people from an abandoned building, police in Nicaragua attacked protesters with teargas, and other stories from the field.

    Anti-Police Riot in Phuket, Thailand Set Fire to Multiple Police Cars

    And in Turkey, police beat and teargas protesters after two explosions rocked leftist rally in Ankara on October 10.

    Massachusetts Police Arrest People with Pink Handcuffs to Celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness

    Massachusetts police celebrate breast cancer awarness with pink handcuffs, Kurdish militants clash with the police, and other stories from the field.

    10 Police Officers in Puerto Rico Bagged by the FBI on Corruption Charges

    A young man bit a cop’s finger while in police custody, 10 Puerto Rican officers were bagged by the FBI for alleged corruption, and other stories from the field.

    One Year Since 43 Normalistas Disappeared in Ayotzinapa, Mexican Students Clash with Riot Police

    Delaware police shot 28-year-old Jeremy “Bam” McDole until he fell out of his wheelchair. Meanwhile in Brazil, cops killed a 11-year-old child in Rio de Janeiro, the sixth child under the age of 14 to have died at the hands of police in the city this year.

    Hungarian Cops Fire Tear Gas and Water Cannons at Refugees Crossing the Border

    Greek police clash with anarchists in Exarchia. In Egypt, police shoot at Mexican tourists mistaken for Islamist militants.

    No Charges Against Deputies Who Tasered Natasha McKenna to Death; Sheriff Releases Video of the Incident

    Meanwhile, the police who shot Antonio Zambrano-Montes were also not indicted. In Greece, police attack refugees from Syria, Afghanistan, and Iraq.

    Police Officer Shoots His Own Car and Lies About It

    Meanwhile, NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton tries to revive the widely condemned Moynihan Report.

    22 People Shot and Injured in Argentina after Police Crackdown on Anti-Government Protests

    Meanwhile, a state of emergency declared in Macedonia in response to influx of Syrian and Afghan migrants, with riot police policing the border. In Mexico, the police murder of Jorge L. is followed by protests, with sticks and stones being thrown at government buildings.

    St. Louis Police Kill Another Black Teen, While the NYPD Has Been Spying on #BlackLivesMatter Protests

    On August 19, one year after the police murder of Kajieme Powell, St. Louis was once again set ablaze with rage after St. Louis cops murdered 18-year-old Mansur Ball-Bey.

    The Biggest Threat to Our Quality of Life is Probably the Police

    One of the police’s main activities is harassing and arresting marginalized people in the name of enforcing laws against so-called “quality of life” crimes. This week, the cops showed that they themselves are probably the biggest threat to your quality of life.

    “How many kids have you killed today?”

    This week, we witnessed the horrific ways that cops get away with shooting kids.

    Repression Abounds

    This week in acab: Cincinnati police try their best to repress riots, and more stories of police fuckery.

    Do Not Listen to Them

    this week in acab: This week in ACAB, challenging authority can get you killed. And this applies to 5-O around the world, from Texas to Turkey.

    Cops Lie

    this week in acab: cops are liers, get used to it. ash jegroo brings you the scoop on sandra bland and other lives taken by police.

    Deadliest Week Ever

    this week in acab: the police killed more people this week than any other week in 2015.

    Wilding out in Europe, Too

    This week in #acab: the cops are wilding out all over the world — in Holland, Greece, and Ohio, too!

    All for a Sneeze

    The NYPD adds 1300 cops to the force, kills one of the men who escaped from prison in May, plus other macabre news from Baltimore and Idaho.

    Pigs Protect and Serve Their Own

    cops give us 20 more reasons to say they are bastards. ash jegroo stops by to give us the update on what the cops have been up to this week: killing, brutalizing, and otherwise terrorizing people.

    Less Blood, Lots of Racism

    This Week in #ACAB The number of people killed by police in 2015 hit 500 this week, but it wasn’t their record of murder that put cops in the news recently.

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