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    Chloe Chon

    Chloe Chon is a staff writer at Mask Magazine. When she's not writing for Mask she works her day job in Austin, TX, DJs basement house parties, or starts scripts that she will never finish. Find her on tumblr.

    A Playlist About Settling into a New City

    Southern Gothic A playlist by Chloe Chon about settling into a new city.

    All Your Summer Days Are Belong to Us

    It's that awkward summer/fall season. A playlist to guide you through the sips of achingly cold horchata as you're drawing out those last warm days.

    Review of Video Games: The Movie

    Video Games: The Movie is an appreciative tribute to the meteoric growth of the video game industry. Video games are now a $24 billion dollar industry, far surpassing even the music and film industries, and their future has never seemed brighter. The film has a rich and fascinating subject matter, which makes the ultimately mediocre execution even more disappointing.

    Business in Front, Party in Back

    Playlist: Easter + 420 + Chloe Chon. That’s all we should have to say about this.

    Female R&B Artists to Watch

    Pay attention to our list of up-and-coming female R&B artists. You know, if you want to.

    The Acid's First EP is Super Dreamy

    Listen: The Acid s/t EP is a spacey, simmering piece of work. We can’t get enough of it.

    The SXSW Acts We'd Put Money On

    Our 2014 SXSW Wager for the coming year. Time will tell, but in the meantime you should listen to them anyway!

    Daylight Saving Playlist

    Playlist: Daylight Savings. Just in case today didn’t feel off-kilter enough.

    4½ Reasons To Watch the Lego Movie Even Though You Aren’t a Baby

    4½ Reasons To Watch the LEGO movie. It’s good!

    Every Relationship is a Long Distance Relationship

    Playlist: Sentimentality. Group therapy for Valentines’ Day where we listen at the same time and say “yep” and keep not cleaning our rooms.

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