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    Chris Metzger

    Chris Metzger is a double scorpio who loves posting up in a flower patch. He moved to Brooklyn after studying in the Pacific Northwest, and is an editor at Mask.

    Listen to DJ Gag Reflex’s Velvet Glove Mix

    Velvet Glove Seattle’s DJ Gag Reflex draws on the spirit of riots in this thumping mix.

    Cameos: Hao Nguyen, Hanan Sharifa, and Esther Gray

    Hao Nguyen, Hanan Sharifa, and Esther Gray are keeping an ear to the ground for new ways to create art, express grief, and embrace the mysterious.

    Listen to DJ Adam R’s New Mix “Papi Angel”

    Listen to DJ Adam R’s New Mix The Papi Juice crew wants you to know there are angels watching over you.

    Brujas and Gang Corp Double Up for A Winter Informal

    Double Up: A Winter Informal brought to you by New York City’s skate and culture crews Brujas and Gang Corp

    “why do i give you power / that you do not ask for?”

    Limerence Goon Soul’s new music video explores the gentle psychosis of involuntary infatuation.

    Cameos: KiKi Nicole, Mino Sanchez, Adrian Miles

    Cameos Grounding rituals, endless Essentia, and choosing healthy ways to escape the world.

    Listen to DJ Exit Sense’s Manic Mix “Certain Stimulants”

    Certain Stimulants Lose your senses in a sonic maze with this manic mix from Exit Sense.

    Cameos: Alli Logout, Manuel Arturo Abreu, and Gaelle Win Robin

    Alli Logout, Manuel Arturo Abreu, Gaelle Win Robin Wall-to-wall mosh pits, tres leches, reparations and other winter goals.

    Fall into the Stars with DJ Kfeelz’s “Interstellar” Mix

    Listen to DJ Kfeelz’s Mix “Interstellar” Kafilah Mohammed took a study break to mix up this cosmic relief of joyful sounds.

    Miss Kenzo’s Belladonna of Madness Mix

    Miss Kenzo’s Belladonna of Madness Mix This mix of bangers will sustain you through work and furrowed brows.

    Cameos: Rosemary Engstrom, Alexis Howell, and Marty Manuela

    October Cameos Rosemary, Alexis, and Marty share their morning routines, spiritual cravings, and guilty pleasures.

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