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    Corina Dross

    Corina Dross is an artist, astrologer, and rabble-rouser best known for her illustrated card deck, Portable Fortitude. Based out of Philadelphia for the last ten years, she’s currently splitting her time between the East Coast and the Northwest.

    September 2018

    Shake off the excess and sort through what to keep.

    August 2018

    This is a month that rewards dreaming big. Get creative. Get unreal. Harness the improbable.

    July 2018

    July is here to thwart our desires and whip our frustrations into a fine foam.

    June 2018

    Gemini broadens our field of perception and flattens our sense of scale.

    May 2018

    As Uranus moves into Taurus this month, we enter a seven-year cycle of learning how to make the struggle more habitable

    April Horoscopes

    This month requires that we face our faith, or our fear of it.

    March 2018

    Like it or not, it’s time to begin again. This is the month we come back to life, personally and collectively.

    February 2018

    Remember that pain is a pervasive, inescapable side-effect of being alive.

    January 2018

    This a year that rewards focusing on exactly what matters to you most.

    December 2017

    You are the flood and the flood is you. What do you do with this saturating, dissolving, uplifting, and terrifying power?

    November 2017

    Scorpio energy encourages us to feel, to release, and to transform – in that order, preferably.

    October 2017

    Let’s welcome Libra season with fresh thoughts, clear communication, and faith in each other.

    September 2017

    Something is clear now that we couldn’t see before. A spell has broken. Our desires have shifted. This month, we’re in a new world and get to practice the alchemy of inversion.

    August 2017

    The other world isn’t waiting on the other side of an apocalypse – it’s already growing like weeds through the concrete.

    July 2017

    Feelings are a physical reality. How we respond to them is key.

    June 2017

    There are still so many undiscovered worlds. Dig around a little more. Risk discovery.

    May 2017

    Banners speak of becoming uncontrollable, but we already are.

    April 2017

    As Venus moves from Aries to Pisces this month, we continue to navigate longings, nostalgia, and tricky conversations with lovers past and present.

    March 2017

    As Venus moves retrograde this month, get ready to examine how love and defense are intimately intertwined.

    February 2017

    Eclipse season always ups the ante.

    January 2017

    Sometimes an opportunity looks like a crisis. Who do you want to become?

    This December, Packing For the Revolution

    These horoscopes are guided by the Sagittarian energy of the month, reminding you what you already have and what you can trust about yourself.

    November 2016

    Amid the current political climate, the sun moves through Scorpio urging us to seek what is obscured and if we need to let go - just fall apart. In this state, we understand that we are never finished and we are never neutral

    October 2016

    It’s officially Libra season. Plan wisely this month, and enjoy the sweetness as well as the fireworks.

    September 2016

    As Mercury stations in retrograde, Virgo season is all about asking the harder questions. But are you ready?

    August 2016

    Corina Dross highlights the many ways to practice freedom under the stars and lots of crushing conditions.

    July 2016

    The thunderstorms of July break trees, electrify the air, and reduce all solid earth to viscous mud. We don’t get to sit this one out.

    June 2016

    This month, we’ll get a chance to ask the right questions, and we may be able to prevent a future avalanche – or at least get a head start before it buries us.

    May 2016

    May 2016 It’s no coincidence that May Day happens when the Sun is in Taurus. Taurus insists on pleasure, rest, and abundance.

    April 2016

    Curtain opens on a shadowy figure. They lift their head and let their coat fall open, to reveal that they are THE SUN.

    March 2016

    This month we have a glut of planets in Pisces, the sign of blurred boundaries and imaginative leaps, so it’s a good time to let your sense of being a stable, fixed self dissolve.

    January 2016

    If, like these horoscopes, you’ve hibernated through the first week of the year, congratulations! You’ve already survived the hardest aspects of this month.

    December 2015

    As the year closes, as the darkest days approach, a new planetary alignment is forming. Corina Dross brings you the December horoscopes to help you focus your energies this month.

    November 2015

    Welcome back to the dark time of the year, on the other side of the veil. These months leading up to winter solstice bring an energy of releasing, integrating, and renewing.

    September 2015

    September will feel very short for how busy we’re all going to be. It’s too late in the year to focus on anything we don’t take seriously – and we shouldn’t take anything too seriously if it doesn’t bring us joy.

    July 2015

    This month is a big, sloppy mess of a kiss from a drunken god. No one gets a dignified escape; we’re all getting pulled into the dance.

    June 2015

    With a rowdy cohort of planets in Gemini this month, our energy is likely to be quick, curious, and easily distracted. Add a month-long conjunction of Mars and the Sun, and our over-caffeinated state can quickly turn stormy.

    May 2015

    The short answer to all your complicated questions: It’s time to fall in love. This month the world is wooing us with all it’s got.

    April 2015

    If you are feeling lonely and confused right now, you’re not alone.

    March 2015

    This month marks the final bout in the three-year battle between Uranus (golden boy of revolutionaries and chaos agents) and Pluto (underworld magistrate and patron saint of you-can’t-take-it-with-you).

    February 2015

    February begins with a dramatic, tender, passionate and syrupy Full Moon in Leo, heightening our romantic and creative aspirations and offering us all a chance to be a little bit of a diva.

    January 2015

    So ends a long, challenging, inspiring, tragic, and eventful year. 2015 begins with Saturn having just moved into Sagittarius, prompting us to reconsider what we believe is possible.

    December 2014

    As we near winter solstice, we're coming up on that day when the sun barely makes an effort, rising late only to skirt the horizon in a dim and distant arc before ducking under the red earth. Over the millennia that humans have been aware of this cycle, we've collectively determined that now is a good time for as much partying as we can manage.

    November 2014

    With many planets moving through Scorpio this month, we’re still highly aware of all that is hidden and damaged, and the need for regeneration.

    October 2014

    The major event of this month is the eclipses. Eclipses heighten emotions and set the stage for dramatic endings and beginnings, surprises and sudden revelations.

    September 2014

    After a tumultuous summer, September greets us with deceptive calm. The winds have died down, the storms moved on. This stillness is a critical time for reflection, strategy, and redirection. We may want nothing more than to stop where we’ve been hurled, to fall to the ground and press our faces against the cool dirt, the leaf mulch, the softly weathered newspaper banners. But with the faster planets moving through Virgo and Libra this month, now is not the time for abandon.

    August 2014

    With Jupiter, Venus, Mercury, and the Sun all moving through Leo this month, we’ll have ample opportunities to dive a little deeper into questions about the self, including: What would we love to do, but are too embarrassed to pursue? Are there places in our hearts and minds that are unconquered by the logic of the marketplace? How do we combat cynicism?

    July 2014

    This month, homebodies and wanderers alike may be struck by that homesickness which persists no matter where we are, or where we could be. Do we feel we belong here, or anywhere? Who is our chosen family? Are we taking care of one another? As Cancer’s energy circles around, indirectly, these questions will come up in several ways.

    June 2014

    Oh-oh! There will be battles all around this month, and some will be far subtler than others. Read your horoscopes to soak in whatever feels restorative. Shake off the excess when you’re done.

    May 2014

    We get to breathe more freely this month as the grand cross eases off, but there are more fireworks on the way. This month’s horoscopes take a closer look at our intimacies, sexual and otherwise. Take what you need, cut the rest into tiny ribbons and rearrange them till they’re of some use.

    April 2014

    April is an astrologically eventful month that has many freaking out. It’s a time of sustained tension, when any stray spark could cause an explosion. Are you going to hide in your bed or throw yourself into the storm?

    March 2014

    With several planets stationing and retrograding, we’re collectively slowed and suspended. For those of you who would love nothing better than to smoke a bowl and headbang in slow motion, this is your time to shine. For the rest of us, strategies below.

    February 2014

    Mercury is in retrograde this February: we can expect sudden changes and the revelation of dark secrets, or simply that our cell phones might end up in the nearest river. Use these horoscopes to see what may be coming your way, and ready yourself accordingly.

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