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    Cynthia Spencer

    Cynthia Spencer lives in Olympia, WA and intermittently astro-blogs at fourfootedstargazer.

    Are You My Body?

    'I can’t find my body because it isn’t there.' An interrogation of the material self.

    Swallowing /TheRedPill

    If you’ve never experienced TheRedPill, the sidebar description calls it a “discussion of sexual strategy in a culture increasingly lacking a positive identity for men.” If it sounds like the classic pick-up artist line with a culty personal development twist, that’s because it basically is.

    How to Break up When You’re Terrible at Breaking Up

    Relationships take work, you know. Work that only you can do. By doing nothing.

    Sleeping My Way Out

    Cynthia Spencer dropped out of college after a hellish second year, when she was bullied and slut-shamed by her housemates at the feminist collective. Was she the villain or the victim? The thing about trauma is that you’ll never know.

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