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    Dan Allegretto

    Dan Allegretto lives in Brooklyn and has finally found his voice and is mortified to use it. He takes pictures and tweets.

    My Favorite Restaurants in New York City

    “My go-to sandwich is unconventional, just like me.”

    Joe Shit the Rag Man

    TFW you find out your childhood monster is just a nice normal dude.

    Summer 2016 Trend Predictions

    Dan brings you his summer trend forecast which doesn’t matter and you should not even slightly consider reading.

    Don’t Wanna Live Inside Myself

    Dan Allegretto chronicles day in the life of a north Brooklyn layabout.

    Fucked My Way Up to the Top

    I slept with my boss to get a job. It didn't work out. The rest is still unwritten.

    Relationship Advice

    People often ask me for relationship advice so I am finally throwing the dog a bone. You asked, I answered, and I apologize in advance but honestly, you got yourself into this mess.

    Fall 2015 Trend Forecast

    With this list you will literally be the coolest person this season.

    A Perfect Sunset

    Dan Allegretto got truly emotional about the sky the other day.

    Swarm: Not Just for Losers

    Let Dan Allegretto teach you how to use this unappreciated app in the proper way.

    My Sobering Trip Home

    Nostalgia is totally useless and depressing, but whenever I’m back home, I think about my childhood.

    In General, I Could Probably Lighten up a Little Bit

    Dan Allegretto chronicles what he learned this month regarding staying sane in a claustrophobic city of socialites, dating apps, and dissatisfaction.

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