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    Jaime Chu

    Jaime Chu is a writer from Hong Kong currently living in New York. Her last known permanent address might be Twitter.

    Good Books for Bad Times

    In times of devastation and confusion, here are some books that help make sense of how to move forward.

    How to Thrive in Solitude

    ““The voice in Pond is a woman whose sure sense of self – one with a principled fluidity – comes from thriving in solitude, which isn’t to say in isolation.” Jaime Chu reviews Claire Louise-Bennett’s Pond.

    How to Be a Sarong Party Girl

    Our book editor Jaime Chu reviews seminal story Sarong Party Girls by Cheryl Lu-Lien Tan.

    How to Be Watched

    This Month is Lit: Jaime Chu reviews Leopoldine Core’s When We Watched.

    Telling Stories through Tarot

    “Tarot for Dummies” Jessa Crispin writes this long overdue illustrated guide to storytelling through the deck of chance and fate.

    How to Be a Genius

    “I am gallant. I am bold. I am right on time.” Jaime Chu reviews Danielle Dutton’s fictional biography of Margaret Cavendish: Margaret the First.

    How to Hate the Internet

    Quitting social media is corny; you gotta figure out your own brand of internet hatred. Jaime Chu reviews Jarett Kobek’s new novel I Hate The Internet.

    How to Fall in Love in the Middle of Winter

    “One way to fall in love is by paying attention, and so Carol is also a catalog of things one pays attentions to when in love.”

    This Month is Lit: Hotels of North America, Hotel, Killing and Dying, Drawing Blood

    Beyond Words: Introducing our new book column by Jaime Chu. It's like that scene in Beauty in the Beast where Belle gets introduced to the Beast's library but like, your life.

    The First Rebirth of Jeanne Added

    Jeanne Added’s new album, Be Sensational, is idealistic without being pedantic, give-no-fucks and still gracious.

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