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    Laura Marie Marciano

    Laura Marie Marciano is the founder of gemstone readings and the author of Mall Brat (civil coping mechanisms press 2016). She lives in Brooklyn, Providence, and your heart.

    Fat Girl Friendships

    In bedrooms, in cars, being present with other fat girls, Laura Marie Marciano reflects on the magic that comes with it.

    Don’t Tell Me to Calm Down – Inside the Cycle of Panic

    Telling your roommate to be more quiet. Taking a phone call from someone who's mad at you. Feeling like you've failed. These things are uncomfortable for everyone, but for some they trigger anxiety attacks to the point of near paralysis. Read a personal story of growing up with recurring anxiety attacks, and ways to cope.

    The '92 Summer Olympics in Providence, RI

    In the summer of 1992, one of our neighbors who lived in the two-family house across the street, hosted The Summer Olympics for us. She, an addict and mother of two, and her friend Brenda with the bleach blond hair, gathered all us kids up and created rules and races and even bought a dozen plastic gold medals from the dollar store to give out to the winners.

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