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    Leigh Barton

    Leigh Barton is a New York native marketing and events professional moonlighting as a DJ/artist manager/writer/vintage t-shirt seller. She has a severe case of Resting Bitch Face and sincerely apologizes for this. Leigh spends most of her time complaining, looking for a place to charge her phone, drinking green juice or Budweiser, aspiring to be a professional wrestler and posting fire-ass content on Twitter and Instagram.

    New Life, Who Dis?

    In a matter of ten days, Leigh Barton quit her job and then her boyfriend. Then she realized she wasn’t going let herself be ruined by her shitty boyfriend and an even shittier job.

    Self Improvement Shopping Guide

    Every year, we make resolutions to better ourselves, and without fail, we backslide on them within a few months, weeks, days … but not this year!

    Partying with Vampires at Blade Rave

    The year is 2015, and in terms of goth clubs, New York City is over. Leigh Barton joins a Blade-themed resurrection of the scene and discovers it’s still possible to awaken the ancient blood gods, even if for one night only.

    A City Kid’s Survival Guide to Camping

    How To Survive Camping Leigh Barton’s guide to glamping on a budget.

    Fire It Up

    Fire it up Full-time lady of leisure Leigh Barton knows how to throw the best outdoor summer party.

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