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    Mariana Roa

    Mariana Roa lives in Mexico City, where she teaches languages, tries to get theatre and music gigs, and feeds on street food and free snacks. She likes to write, translate, and organize for the revolution.

    The Queer Anti-Guide to Snacking in Mexico City

    In Mexico City, street food (much like queerness) is a mix of new and old. Foreigners are told not to eat it, but who cares? Come and eat as much as you can; this guide is for you. 

    A Wave of Protests in Mexico

    Since October, students in Mexico have repeatedly gathered in the thousands to protest a corrupt government, the disappearing of 43 students in Ayotzinapa, and the ongoing repression of activists and students. In recognition of the national day of protest being called for this Thursday, November 20th, Stefan Norman and Mariana Roa Oliva share their reflections on the last few months of student rebellion.

    Another White Van across the Street?

    If you live in a city that always tells you to be afraid, what happens to the fear once you stop trusting the authorities? At La Colmena, a new social center in Mexico City, the residents hoped to create a space apart from the fear-mongering apparatus, only to find themselves right in the middle of it.

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