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    Mask Staff are everywhere and nowhere.


    Homework Please finish the following assignments by May 15.

    Commie Bullshit

    Check out this collaboration with Third Looks and NYC photographer Luis Nieto Dickens for the first Mask Magazine fashion editorial.

    Get Ready for Club Glow’s Halloween Party “The Shadow of the Cat”

    The Shadow of the Cat Get Ready for round 2 of Club Glow’s Doll Gang Massacre with this Anthony DiCap mix

    Watch Sister Species’ Dreamy and Empowering Music Video Trilogy

    Sister Species releases music video trilogy ahead of new album Heavy Things Do Move

    Coordinates for a New World

    Coordinates for a New World “We are partisans of the real, bearers of new worlds.”

    TYGAPAW Releases Debut EP Love Thyself

    TYGAPAW’s debut EP Love Thyself showcases Dion McKenzie’s expansive skills as a producer, with tracks moving from baile funk to New York vogue to Baltimore club and back.

    Le1f Digs up Skeletons with the Mix DOLL GANG MASSACRE

    Digging up Skeletons Listen to Le1f’s Mix as you get hyped for DOLL GANG MASSACRE on Saturday October 28.

    Miss Kenzo’s Belladonna of Madness Mix

    Miss Kenzo’s Belladonna of Madness Mix This mix of bangers will sustain you through work and furrowed brows.

    We’re Launching a Podcast Network

    Coming at You Live Introducing Mask’s very own podcast network mask.fm. Subscribe to the first six shows!

    Cameos CROWN SHY Edition: @jaboukie @calibanthewitch @anafabrega @sycorax_

    Warming up for Crown Shy this Saturday we chatted with our performers about their biggest fears, what books they’re reading, and their favorite conspiracy theories

    Juliana Huxtable’s Improvisational Mood Mix


    Listen to Kala’s EP L.O.T.O

    KALA Releases L.O.T.O. The Brooklyn-based artist and club party staple’s new EP is a disorienting call to arms.

    Without Tenderness We Are in Hell

    Valentine’s Day in the tub with Eva Wǒ and Lucifer Rising

    Water Protectors at Standing Rock: “Strong Hearts to the Front”

    Strong Hearts to the Front A video invites people to join the struggle against the Dakota Access Pipeline.

    Watch: Downtown Browns

    Watch: Downtown Browns This interactive web series depicts women of color navigating daily life in L.A.

    Watch: Being Out with Your Personal Things

    The Personal Things Trans elder Miss Major Griffin-Gracy tells the story of when she decided to stop trying to assimilate.

    Fighting Spirit, Working Hands

    Fighting spirit, working hands The Chicago Police Department called Lucy Parsons more dangerous than a thousand rioters.


    XHOSA Premieres EP MISSLEADING Escape all the BS with XHOSA’s infectious melodies.

    Adidas’ New Freaky Future

    Adidas’ new freaky Future The premiere of their new line depicts influencers going against the grain. Take a look.

    TYGAPAW’s Latest Mix “Who Will Survive” is Here

    TYGAPAW drops a new mix, a soundtrack for the kids carrying pepper-spray in our purses.

    Watch BXHXLD’s New Music Video “This Way”

    Dancing in the Streets Be like BXHXLD, turn that rejection into fire under your shoes.

    Sweat Equity’s Sommelier Release Polyrhythm Workout “Sour”

    Philly head Sommelier releases a polyrhythm workout track “Sour”, don’t sleep on their new album set to drop this week with Sweat Equity.

    OCHOBOYZ Drop Latest Video “Ghetto Hero”

    OCHOBOYZ drop “Ghetto Hero” Transnational brown girl group serve attitude and silliness with new music video

    Chance the Rapper Raised $100k to Make Coats for Chicago’s Homeless

    Warmest Winter 2016: Chance the Rapper Raised 100k to Make Coats for Chicago’s Homeless.


    Thank you for coming to our LRAD party. Last weekend, we showed our pro-rowdy, anti-police strength on the dance floor. Re-live the night with photos captured by Luis Nieto Dickens.

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