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    Matt lucas

    Matt Lucas

    Matt Lucas lives in Oakland, California where he spends his time reading, writing and fighting. He is a Muay Thai boxer and an anarchist who enjoys the finer things in life.

    Boxing, a Metaphor for Life

    Patricio Manuel started boxing at 17 while struggling with gender dysphoria. A decade later, he’s has tried out for the Olympics, transitioned, and is only getting started.

    Capture the Confederate Flag

    Capture the Confederate Flag #noflagchallenge dares people to take down publicly displayed Confederate Flags.

    Writing to My Brother in Prison

    “The letters come about once a month. The business-sized envelopes have the bland uniformity of mass production. The address of the prison is printed in the upper left-hand corner. Below that, my brother writes his name and his Department Identification Number (DIN), in black pen.”

    Team Nihilism vs. Team Marxism

    During the East Bay Anarchist book fair last week, people organized a fight night between anarchists and motorcycle club members. Matt Lucas recounts what it was like to beat up a guy.

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