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    Mikael brunila

    Mikael Brunila

    Mikael Brunila is a freelance writer from Finland. He has co-authored a book on the extreme right in Finland and another on zero tolerance policies in Helsinki as well as co-edited a book on open and closed spaces on the internet. His current leanings are towards the intersections between programming and the social sciences.


    The Norwegian producer that once wanted to make people “feel angry and afraid” in the club is now getting booked around the world.

    Mathias Wåg

    The Research Group is a Swedish collective of former-antifascist-activists-turned-journalists. Last year they were awarded the biggest Swedish award for investigative journalism. Mikael Brunila interviewed Mathias Wåg, a 42-year-old founding member of the left-leaning journalism initiative, to talk about his background, what it's like to straddle the worlds of antifascist activism and journalism, and how he and his colleagues are handling the backlash against them.

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