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    Myriah Florence

    Myriah Florence was born and raised in the Midwest with a ravenous appetite for all things culture. When they aren't working or talking someone’s ear off, they're probably on the internet or stuck to the TV.

    The Thin Line between Addiction and Coping

    If your job is making you miserable, it’s probably time to quit. But how are you then going to afford all the addictions and recreations keeping you alive? Follow Myriah Florence’s tips for how to indulge in your obsessions on the cheap.

    My Obsessive Body: From Lethal to Lovely

    I’ve been obsessed with my body. How much I eat, how I look in clothing, how I look without clothing, my growing number of stretch marks. Most may find these thoughts ordinary or typical, but my obsession is not. At twenty three, I’m beginning to process the war I’ve waged against myself. I’ve also finally found a name for my obsession – Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD). 

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