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    Olivia Starkie

    Olivia Starkie is a West Coast girl living the broke eastern life in Brooklyn, New York. When she is not food service hustling, she can be found cooking, writing, making visual art, sitting in sun patches in the park, riding the train for fun, or eating bagels.

    Food to Usher in Spring

    There is something incredibly beautiful to me about the elevated trains in New York, slash, my favorite spring time recipes: Roasted Yams, Chard with Golden Raisins, Tahini Dressing, and Basic Ass Pesto.

    Death and Thanksgiving Recipes

    I’m not really celebrating Thanksgiving this year. But just because I’m going to kick back and make a pizza today doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate with some Thanksgiving food goodness. So here: my favorite Spicy Beets, my dad’s Ginger Carrots, and delicious Comfort Sprouts!

    Life and Tacos in Bushwick

    You remember that you are hungry, but not hungry enough to cook so you get tacos for the third day in a row at the same place where your friend held your hand and the spice on your tongue makes you feel like nothing can go wrong nothing can go wrong nothing can. Go get some tacos, because they do make things better, if only for the ten minutes it takes you to devour them.

    A Letter to Some Roommates in the Fashion of R. Kelly’s “Real Talk”

    Three Heat Wave Avocado Recipes, and a letter to some roommates in the fashion of R. Kelly’s Real Talk

    Honey Traps and Pasta Sauce

    Our new food columnist introduces us to a legendary and affordable pasta sauce her family has used to snare lovers for at least two generations.

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