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    Sarah Rupp

    Sarah Rupp is a communist and a poet who currently lives in Richmond, Virginia.

    Trigger Warning

    I don’t give a shit about gun control, just like I don’t give two shits about voting, GMOs, or recycling. Buy me a gun.

    Dance Floor out of Nothing

    Crushed by the requirements of her athletic scholarship and seduced by the different world of Occupy, Sarah Rupp dropped out of UC Davis and moved to Oakland.

    Heart of the Lion

    “We met outside the revolutionary theory reading group.” A fling across state lines, long bus rides, cemeteries, and Ariana Reines.

    In a Drawer Opening Mood

    How can you spend years with someone and then try and do that again with someone else? What string of events led this conversation to polyamory? Apparently my friend’s Twitter account is being subpoenaed? Do shrooms go bad?

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