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    Sofie Mikhaylova

    Sofie Mikhaylova is a freelance writer based in Toronto. She is a queer femme and an angry feminist. If you want to Neofriend her, you have to ask nicely.

    Living with My Ex-Girlfriend

    Some people require space when they breakup with someone, but that’s not how this one went.

    Online Dating, Online Living

    I grew up thinking online dating was for losers, and now I can't imagine hooking up any other way.

    Luxury, Status Symbols, Communism

    A few months ago, I used a fake $10 knock-off Longchamp bag to carry my things because it was big enough to fit my laptop. While I tried to own it – “Yeah, haha, it's a fake,” – I couldn’t. I still feel the sting of embarrassment when I look at it, or when I see a girl on the train with a real one.

    What Neopets Taught Me About Life

    Neopets is the greatest kids’ game website ever. It taught me almost everything I needed to know about the world. While I learned nothing in my high school math class, I learned all about the stock market while restocking my shop playing Neopets.

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