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    Trouble baker

    trouble baker

    trouble baker only knows how to express affections for others through cooking, and that's fine.

    Everybody Rots: Surviving with Scallion Kimchi

    A recipe for scallion kimchi that can melt your face off, if you want it.

    Cake by the Pound

    Celebrate spring with a simple pound cake recipe that can get fancy, fast.

    Romantic Dinner For Crew

    A recipe for roast chicken that's easy, impressive, and generously feeds everyone you love. Because dinner for two is boring anyway.

    New Year, No You

    Fight stress and feel powerful with this satisfying, easy to make soup that'll build you up instead of breaking you down.

    Bake Up Your Break Up

    What happened isn't really important, it's what you do now that matters. And what you should do is make something to eat.

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