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    Vanessa Willoughby

    Vanessa Willoughby is a writer and editor living in the suburban doldrums of Connecticut and often daydreams of her eventual escape. She is a Prose Editor for the literary journal Winter Tangerine Review.

    Men of a Certain Age

    A rebound-date with an older guy turns into the perfect disaster of a relationship.

    Reading Trans, by Juliet Jacques

    A hybrid memoir, thick with the feeling of a certain time and place, takes us on an excursion across personal, political, and pop landscapes, opening up new possibilities for disarming a cultural climate hostile to transgender individuals.

    A Summer of Ultraviolence

    “I convinced myself that moving on meant dating as many people as possible. I reasoned that I would only heal if I was too busy to notice that I was hurting.”

    How to Dress Like Rihanna

    The key to Rihanna’s seemingly effortless style isn’t the designer pieces. Here are some tips for how to mix and match like the style icon.

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