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    yung costanza

    yung costanza is a writer from East Flatbush who still lives in Brooklyn out of spite. He enjoys music, formulaic crime shows, and oversharing his feelings. Please let him buy you a drink sometime.

    Being Mad Online™

    Yung Costanza tries to avoid flying into a blind rage.

    Fake ID

    Here’s why dismissing certain positions as “identity politics” is not going to get us anywhere.

    A Successful Day

    I wear a T-shirt and sweatpants every day, is this what making it looks like?

    The Politics of Talking About Politics

    I can’t force myself to care about this election, despite all the noise, especially online, from everyone earnestly and enthusiastically following it.

    The Summer of This Content

    Get out there and make the shit you wanna make.

    Dry Season

    What to do when your romantic life is in a rebuilding year.

    Hardly Working

    Even a job you hate gives you somewhere to be, but what happens you finally leave?

    Nothing Dies/Something Mourns

    From Guyana to Brooklyn, Aunt Donna's way of doing things meant the world to me. And even though Aunt Donna's gone now, what I learned from her – to give and to care – still sustains me.

    Making Yourself at Home

    Our new columnist Yung Costanza warmly welcomes you to his native Brooklyn, now please stop planting your flag here like you landed on the Moon.

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