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    Photographers and Illustrators

    We only accept photography and illustration submissions under certain circumstances.

    Get in touch

    If you are interested in taking photos or creating artwork for us, please sign up to the email list we use to announce projects, and send an email to mailroom@mask-mag.com with a link to your portfolio or website and with “PHOTOGRAPHER” or “ILLUSTRATOR” in the subject line.

    Submit your work

    Our receipt and interest in a work does not necessarily mean we will publish it. If we publish it, you will be compensated according to a negotiated rate. We accept all sorts of artwork, including:


    • Single still photographs
    • Photographs in series
    • Photoessays


    • Vector artwork
    • Lettering


    • “Notebook” art
    • Editorial work
    • Comics + graphic short stories
    • Mixed media work

    Articles we publish will be signed with your full public name, a brief biographical paragraph including a link to your twitter account, if one exists, and a link to one (1) personal portfolio or other website. We also need a 500 x 500 px headshot photo and the email address associated with you PayPal account.

    Accepted file types

    We will only consider works submitted in the following file formats:

    • Vector: .ai, .svg
    • Raster: .psd or high-resolution .jpg
    • a modern Nikon or Canon RAW format
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