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    How to Get Your Project Featured in Mask

    People sometimes ask us how to be featured in Mask Magazine. (If you want to write for us, go to here.) So, here are some notes to answer that question:

    Mask Magazine is a subscriber-supported, ad-free online publication based in Brooklyn, New York. Our focus is lowbrow style and culture and we strive to be a platform for empowering struggle and solidarity across different places, scenes, and positions. We do so by covering the experiences of fellow antagonists about everyday struggles of being young and discontent today in the form of interviews, personal narratives, style editorials, columns, reviews, cultural criticism and whatever else we feel like. We pay all contributors, as much as we can.

    Right now, we’re looking for stories that represent various collective projects around the country and the continent. We hope that means you and your friends – no project is too small.

    So you run a radical space / harm reduction network / community direct action initiative / mutual aid project / collective living space / reading group / event series / other project and would like to be featured in Mask? Cool! We want that too. Our preferred way to feature you is to publish a story written by you from your own perspective. The story can be: how the project came to be, how you became involved, how you worked through some problem, what it looks like on a day-to-day, or any other aspect of how it functions. A second option is to ask us to do a short interview with you.

    We are interested in stories about what it’s like to organize as a collective, what brings people in, what helps people feel successful or reinforces the drive to keep going despite crushing conditions. We think small groups of people building tools, setting up infrastructure, learning together, and empowering each other are incredibly inspiring examples of how to live together in this moment. We are more interested in the process or making things together, living together, what it’s like on the day-to-day rather than abstract analyses of political dispositions. That said, we’d love to hear from you and figure out the right approach together.

    If you’re interested in writing for us, please send a pitch to mailroom@mask-mag.com in the form of a short description of your story. Please mention if you’d like to publish under your public name or anonymously. You can also email us the first draft of your story right away. If you have questions, you can contact us via the same email address.

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