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    DMing with Maya Ben David

    The Dream Issue
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    DMing with Maya Ben David

    "People might find furries jarring but have probably had a crush on an anthropomorphic cartoon character like Lola Bunny."

    Maya Ben David as Log Girl

    Maya Ben David is a Toronto-based contemporary artist. Ben David’s artwork plumbs the depths of Internet subcultures to dredge up the URL fantasies that show us who we really are IRL. Her characters, like Pregnant Harry Potter or Snake Moses, are spun into a narrative web that spans platforms—from the gallery to Instagram, Vimeo to the stage, and then back again—to build worlds that blur the lines between fanfic, performance art, cosplay, and comedy.

    Mask DMed with Ben David in advance of her upcoming visit to the Yale School of Art in New Haven, CT. On Thursday, October 10th, at 12:30 pm, Ben David will give an artist talk at 36 Edgewood in Room 204, and a selection of her videos will screen at 8:00 pm at 36 Edgewood in Room 417.

    Maya Ben David, Popcorn Ceiling Maiden, 2018.

    Maya Ben David, Anthro Plane: Air Canada Gal, 2015.

    Maya Ben David, Mold Maid, 2019.

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