• The Not Again Issue

    “What Ever Happened to Rachel?”

    The Not Again Issue
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    Rachel and Lou Reed celebrate their wedding at Max's Kansas City

    “What Ever Happened to Rachel?”

    Out of the vault and onto Soundcloud!

    History geeks welcome! Montreal-based artist and sex worker activist Morgan M Page brings us a new podcast on the “dirt and gossip” of trans history called One from the Vault. The first installment of the series delves into the mysterious life of Rachel, a Mexican transsexual who was, for a time, married to the late godfather of glam rock, Lou Reed.

    Page follows the string of stories we know of Rachel – who her friends were, where she hung out – until she seems to vanish from the lives of even those who seemed to know her best during that crazy time in 1970s New York City that has been chronicled so many times but still always seems to highlight the realities of the most exploitative.

    A refreshing investigation, this podcast is a must-listen while you do the dishes or rush to your next gig ... Tune in:

    Keep a look out for the next episode on SoundCloud.

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