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    Agents of Time Meets Hardpop in Juarez, Mexico

    The Not Again Issue
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    All photos by Luis Nieto Dickens

    A visual experience of an enchanted oasis

    Agents of Time Meet Hardpop in Juarez, Mexico

    Just as if this big black monolith landed in the middle of the city, a structure that resembles a German building, a brutalist statement that sticks like a sore thumb outside an otherwise typical shopping mall. Life in Juarez is almost back to normal, at least it appears so; streets are busy, people are out during the day, and nightlife is thriving. As Luis Safa, an artist and good friend of mine once said, “When you come to Juarez, when you ride around town, you don’t see that violence, that danger this place is known for. Instead, there’s art around the city, you see music posters that look like they belong in Europe.”

    Since 2006, Hardpop, the techno and house music club started by Edgar Cobos and Ricardo Tejada (Pastilla Digital) has attracted the best artists of the electronic music scene to the border. Names like Nina Kraviz, Seth Troxler, Carl Craig, Magda and Matias Aguayo have performed for hundreds of fans packed into this dark paradise. As you walk into the club, you see only a few chairs and tables in the back and mezzanine, and everything else is dance floor – the bar, the path to the restroom, the stairs, all for dancing. The staple of the club: a red light that drenches the whole space and accentuates the dramatic feeling of being lost in a sea of sound and sweaty bodies. 

    Last weekend, I was lucky to be in Juarez just in time to catch the Italian trio Agents of Time, performing for the second time in Juarez, and Mask Magazine has the exclusive. Queue up the mixtape, enjoy the photos below, and pay a visit to this enchanted oasis soon.

    Hardpop Podcast: Resident DJ Brian Ephew

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