• The Resolution Issue


    The Resolution Issue
    Mask outreach


    Please finish the following assignments by May 15.

    Mask is committed to telling you what to do and think. It’s come to our attention that, as of late, our lackadaisical publishing schedule has substantially reduced our libidinal influence among our readers. In order to more fully capture the imaginative and creative potential of our talent-pool, we have decided to assign homework for our most loyal and praise-worthy readers to accomplish and to send back to us on Twitter, that we may curate a feed of content and antics produced by you. Cameo opportunities to those with the highest score.

    Please finish the following assignments by May 15, and send proof of completion to @mask_mag on Twitter.

    • Get some friends (3+ ppl total) together for a movie showing in a living room or collective space. Preferably a giallo or black wave film, but UCLA rebellion and Cinema Novo absolutely count. French new wave does not count.
    • Slap up some Mask Mag stickers around town, at gas stations, on campus.
    • Make a ski mask stencil and use it on something.
    • Give and/or receive an amateur tattoo. Life long subscription and goodies if it’s a ski mask.
    • Send a physical letter or care package to a friend.
    • Meet up with some friends in a cemetery, preferably reading poetry.
    • Play the Mask playlist at your job.
    • Make erotic blackout poetry with the letter from the editor.
    • Make customized Mask merchandise preferably with a sharpie and wear it out in public.
    • Text your parents asking them to buy you a Mask Mag subscription, without explanation. Send us a screen shot of the conversation.

    — The Mask Crew, facilitating the emergence of group subjectivites

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