• The Resolution Issue

    Harrington Pl, Mrs. June, and Untitled

    The Resolution Issue

    The Grapevine Telegraph

    Harrington Pl, Mrs. June, and Untitled

    Harrington Pl

    Too strong a
    feeling sweeps me
    to the banks of where living
    flows meet. At the bleeding creek
    my back was to be loved by
    the bark of a sycamore tree.
    Here, a young man comes to find
    he derives from death.

    Death in
    death kept in everyday.
    Settled powder on the face
    cold collapsed veins and
    HIs wake keeps the world on moving-
    Without secrecy or quickness
    I’m in its undone now, how wouldn't they
    know with all these
    rotting roses ?

    are you following now? next day,
    next day. Our daily death parade.
    Whiteness likes to regulate black death
    but like to keep its vision of it hidden.
    Tucked away.

    To see it. to know it real
    oh, wouldn't that only confirm
    what the world knows of
    its fear of black blood
    and its never resting ways.

    Under the shade of ms. sycamore
    to open my eyes… and in view
    A word and life lived in it,
    thorns ripping pressed against
    my chest keeping hold of
    the already mangled heart.

    now, what to do with all their rotting roses?

    Mrs. June

    What does June say to you?
    heavy thick air
    She's her own witch
    with which like slumber
    makes you Breathe
    low move heavy.

    June Keep it quick crisp
    Wood split like hurricane
    Come on Mrs.June,
    you maim this incredible
    with a lethal elegance

    June made me sore
    I bare it oh so
    while i wait for my ends
    to meet with no pay in mind.


    Quite visions move past
    Tears shed
    leaving us
    In undoing, gnawing
    As if it were bread.
    I hold you hoping

    to rid the weary
    that covers you bitterly.

    comforting company
    Brings warm distant
    from the future
    Soon their vibrations
    will beat our souls
    Taking us clean
    to a world where
    love is an epidemic

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