• The Alien Issue

    Cameos: Muna Mire, Natasha Lennard, Vidal Wu

    The Alien Issue
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    Cameos: Muna Mire, Natasha Lennard, Vidal Wu

    Three Aliens make their orbit known

    Muna Mire

    What are your handles? @Muna_Mire on Twitter.

    Where are you from and where do you live? I'm in Brooklyn but hail from the 6ix. (Really proud I got to say 'the 6ix' in an interview. Thank you for the opportunity.)

    Favorite summer past time? Can't beat chilling in the park with homies and food. In fact, chances are I'm already at your cookout, fixing a plate. waves

    What's on your playlist right now? Shamir! On the regular.

    Favorite prank? Not really my style, I tend to rag on loved ones to their face and repeatedly.

    What's something you regret never having done? I'm still breathing, what's to regret?

    What are your thoughts about space? I always felt like an alien the mothership left behind. Don't you ever just want to get the fuck off the planet? Stop the planet, I want to get off now, thanks.

    Horoscope? Cancer sun, Sagittarius ascending.

    How do you deal with mean people? Kill ’em with kindness... and boundaries.

    Natasha Lennard

    What are your handles? @natashalennard on Twitter, @tashlennard on Insta, which I hardly use.

    Where are you from and where do you live? I'm from London and live in Brooklyn – the brownstone, babies, brunch part of Brooklyn. I'm lucky enough to live in House Nevins, the homebase of The New Inquiry.

    Favorite summer past time? Rose wine.

    What's on your playlist at the moment? The xx, Deptford Goth, Laura Marling, Kyla La Grange, and an assortment of sad boys and girls with guitars.

    Favorite prank? My father used to always hold ice cream up to my nose and ask if it smelled funny. When I'd lean in to sniff, he would cover my nose with ice cream. Worked every time. I don't really talk to him anymore. Also, Leninism.

    What's something you regret never having done? Full Communism.

    What do you think about space? In line with the Committee to Abolish Outer Space, "I do not hate outer space, because it’s impossible to hate something that doesn’t exist." Which is also why I do not hate innerspace, space, or humanity.

    Horoscope? Scorpio/ Sagittarius cusp. Astrology enthusiasts don't believe in cusps, as far as I understand. But some magazines say I am a Scorpio, some say Sag.

    How do you deal with mean people? Mercilessly and with a lingering fear that I may be among them.

    Vidal Wu

    What are your handles? Hi! I’m @vidalwuu on Twitter and Instagram.

    Where are you from and where do you live? I grew up in Jane and Finch, one of 13 designated “priority” neighborhoods in Toronto. Started from the bottom, if you will. Montreal’s been my home for the past five years.

    Favorite summer past time? A diversified hydration plan is of the utmost importance when it’s hot out: carbonated, caffeinated, blended, spiked, sparkling, iced, viscous. Equally important is smoking weed on Mount Royal with cute boys. Where’s the afterparty?

    What’s on your playlist right now? Songs for slow-motion shots of your luscious butt while walking in booty shorts. Come Over feat. Brendan Philip by Keita Juma. I’m Ya Dogg feat. Rick Ross and Kendrick Lamar by Snoop Dogg. Wus Good / Curious by PARTYNEXTDOOR.

    Favorite prank? “Let’s start a literary magazine!” because more often than not, real pranks are cruel. Unscrewing a salt shaker is great too, especially the part where you throw salt in your enemy’s face.

    What’s something you regret never having done? Punching someone in the face. Sorting out my daddy issues.

    What do you think about space? Thankfully very little. I doubt the universe cares much for the opinions of the infinitesimal. On the off chance that humans don’t kill themselves off first, we’ll no doubt ruin the universe with thinkpieces.

    Horoscope? Libra rising, Libra sun and Sagittarius moon, but I prefer the unfussiness of the Chinese zodiac where I’m a (Water) Monkey. The only useful understanding of this is that I’d be a great third in your newly polyamorous relationship.

    How do you deal with mean people? In true Canadian fashion, I insult them very politely.

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