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    February 2015 #13
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    Bad News by Tyler Reinhard

    It’s Worse Than You Thought

    Dept. of Homeland Security might slash should shutdown. Three parents, one cup. George Zimmerman still the worst. Net neutral, but still pretty bad. Smallest living thing trying to sell you a mixtape. Fake pearls ain't worth nothing just like this whole rotten system. Tons of weed. My app.

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    This Week in #ACAB: Prisons Riots, Fire to the Prisons, Chicago Police Blacksite, and R.I.P. Trayvon Martin.

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    Getting restless for the weekend: Joey LaBeija shares his hopes and dreams for his Legendary party. Listen to LaBeija and False Witness’s new track while you get ready, bbs.

    Marco web

    As of this month, Marco Gomez, a.k.a. DJ False Witness, has lived in NYC for a year. Here, he looks back at his emotionally draining, physically exhausting, and sleepless first year, and shares some survival tips he picked up along the way.

    We May Not Sleep

    by Marco Gomez

    2015 2 23
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    Bad News by Tyler Reinhard

    The Tooth Has to Go

    ISIS may have brutally murdered 21 christians, or faked it, not sure which is worse. Gross: you can buy stocks with Bitcoins. Toddlers shouldn’t nap. Urban Outfitters builds underground city. NSA really got us good, boy. Seriously, who steals Eric Garner’s memorial fund!? Super-malaria. Food shortages. You lost the Oscars.

    Rahel and donchristian
    Camp and Street

    You Gotta Listen to Bbymutha – the best of New York queer rap meets female-fronted Southern rap a la Amber London.


    Queer art of failing at this culture roundup. This week, we bring you happenings in youth internet culture that we’re filing under earnest and pessimistic.


    The key to Rihanna’s seemingly effortless style isn’t the designer pieces. Here are some tips for how to mix and match like the style icon.

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    Bad News by Tyler Reinhard

    Meet Bad News: Last Week, Basically.

    You can now set a friend to inherit your Facebook when you die, as long as they aren't in prison and other information about things that may affect you.

    Freeway cover

    The fires lit by Ferguson in the Bay Area further cemented the region’s claim to “riot capital” of the US. But how did the Bay Area become the arena of one of the most intense millennial revolts of the decade? Doug Gilbert traces the emergence of the Bay Area’s “riot culture” through the last six years of street clashes and blockading.

    The Rise of Oakland’s Riot Culture

    by Doug Gilbert


    This Week in #ACAB. The police have already killed 127 people in 2015, what’s new?


    The February To-Do List – New York Fashion Week, Valentine’s Day parties, and what to watch and listen to.


    Feed Me by Anwar Batte

    Twitter Propaganda by Who Knows?!

    Twitter Propaganda by Who Knows?! Sink yourself into these strange Twitter accounts cranking out anti-capitalist propaganda like the bots they probably aren’t.


    Culture Roundup for You and Your Squad of Bandits Kendrick drops gold, Charles Manson’s fiancee’s hustle, and Dev Hynes still being cool.

    Izzy profile
    Isabelle Nastasia

    Vulnicura is the best thing Björk has released in a long time, and in many places it echoes back to her first four albums – an astounding run of records that created and cemented her global reputation as a singer, songwriter, and producer.

    Vulnicura Worthy of Its Praise

    by Sand Avidar-Walzer


    Winter Layering. Dressing appropriately in winter is a crapshoot. Thank goddess for layers!

    Snowman web

    Horoscopes by Corina Dross

    February 2015

    February begins with a dramatic, tender, passionate and syrupy Full Moon in Leo, heightening our romantic and creative aspirations and offering us all a chance to be a little bit of a diva.

    Djharam web2

    DJ Haram is beating back my depression. Check out her new track “Identity Crisis” mixing Middle Eastern jams and Jersey Club.

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    A Culture Roundup For Your Frozen Heart Lindsay Lohan is a witch (knew it!), Cheap Monday rocked Stockholm, this mix of Team Rocket and Nicki Minaj.

    Coven cover

    Witches of Bushwick do it again: The Coven Magazine, Issue 3 is out.

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    Letters by Tyler Reinhard

    Happy Birthday to Us

    A letter from Tyler Reinhard, introducing The Anniversary Issue. It’s been one hell of a year – it’s hard to believe it’s been 12 issues. So begins Volume 2...

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